Stormzy stops smoking marijuana to safeguard his mental health

Stormzy has stopped smoking marijuana in a bid to improve his mental health.
The 26-year-old rap star has revealed he's decided to kick his unhealthy habit, admitting it used to make him feel "worse and worse and worse".
He shared: "If you've got mental health problems, stop smoking weed. It's not good for your mental health.
"I have suffered with mental health problems for the past few years.
"When I used to feel depressed, I would lock myself away and smoke weed and I would just get worse and worse and worse. It does not help your situation. It will f*** you up.
"It feels good for, like, 20 minutes and then after that ... we all know, us weed smokers, we know how it goes."
Stormzy is a big advocate of maintaining physical fitness, too.
He said: "Exercise is good for mental health and also purpose. That's why I go back to that.
"Boxing - I feel like it's the greatest example because it gives you so much discipline and you've gotta learn, you've gotta stay sharp, you've gotta work at it every day to get better ... you have to stay focused."
The 'Shut Up' hitmaker also revealed he's made a concerted effort to use his phone - and social media - less.
Speaking with South London charity Carney's Community, Stormzy explained: "If you go on social media and it doesn't make you feel good, get off it."
By contrast, Stormzy previously confessed to loving unhealthy Greggs treats.
Revealing his most-loved products at the bakery chain, he said: "Sausage steak bake; sausage, bean and cheese melt; or, in the festive season, you really want to get the turkey and cranberry one. That's a good pastry."