A Strand-Plumping Serum Shoppers Say Works on Baby Hairs in a "Week" Is 50% Off

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Get the thickening treatment for just $18 right now.

The “skinification of hair” — hair-care spiked with ingredients typically associated with skincare formulas — entered the beauty lexicon a few years ago. What I’d initially perceived as a fleeting trend, the likes of hyaluronic acid shampoo and peptide-packed hair masks seem only to have become more popular.

One example: Grow Gorgeous’s Original Hair Density Serum, which looks and feels like a luxury anti-aging serum, and acts similarly — albeit for aging, thinning strands. The serum is 50 percent off at Dermstore, where it’s a mere $18 for a limited time.





The Grow Gorgeous Original Hair Density Serum is a strand-plumping, growth-promoting elixir designed to deliver fuller, thicker-looking hair in as little as one month. Formulated specifically for thin, lackluster tresses, the serum relies on powerful plant extracts, each offering science-backed benefits for strengthening strands, invigorating the scalp, and promoting healthier hair overall.

The ingredient list reads like that of a skincare serum, with the likes of hyaluronic acid, peptides, and caffeine in the mix. Hyaluronic acid, a plumping molecule often found in moisturizers, hydrates dry, straggly strands to improve softness and shine; moreover, it does so “without weighing down hair," dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian, MD, previously told InStyle. Peptides — structural proteins that, in skincare, support youthful firmness — strengthen strands, which, in turn, leads to less breakage, fallout, and shedding. Finally, caffeine stimulates blood flow to the scalp where it promotes new follicle growth.

Designed for daily use, the serum works on both damp and dry tresses, making it a breeze to incorporate into any routine, regardless of your hair-washing cadance. The formula dispenses via a dropper applicator, and requires no rinsing post-use (bonus: it imparts a soft musk scent shoppers describe as “pleasant”). The lightweight, non-greasy formula absorbs rapidly into the scalp, where, instead of weighing hair down, it lifts roots for an instant volume boost.

The real magic happens with daily, consistent use. Good things take time, after all — though, relative to other hair-growth tonics, this one is notably fast-acting. Per the brand, four weeks of daily use delivers visible, noticeable improvement.

Reviews for the serum corroborate these claims. One shopper says they’ve seen new baby hair growth “after applying [the product] for just a week.” Another reviewer notes that the “serum makes [their] hair longer and fuller,” adding, “it’s very lightweight and absorbs quickly on the scalp without leaving any weird or greasy texture.” Finally, another shopper, who has aging, thinning hair, says the serum creates “body” when they “blow-dry [their] hair,” and functions as an instant volumizer and helps conceal sparseness.

For stronger, healthier hair in as little as one month, snap up the Grow Gorgeous Original Hair Density Serum while it’s still in stock and 50 percent off at Dermstore.

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