Here's a depressing 'Stranger Things' detail: Everyone forgot Will's birthday

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Noah Schnapp poses at the Netflix premiere of
Noah Schnapp poses at the Netflix premiere of "Stranger Things" after the show forgot his character's birthday. (Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

March 22 may be an important date in the Stranger Things universe, but there was no birthday cake this year for Noah Schnapp's character Will Byers.

Variety interviewed Stranger Things creators, the Duffer Brothers, about the first half of Stranger Things season 4 and the upcoming season 4 episodes. During the interview, the creative duo admitted to one very depressing detail: they forgot all about Will’s birthday.

Variety asked about the small moment in season 4's second episode, where the audience views the scene through a rolling camera, dated March 22. The interviewer noted that in season 2 the date is said to be Will's birthday. However, the big day seemingly goes unmentioned by all of the character's friends and family in the new season.

But you know who did notice the date? Stranger Things fans.

Variety asked the Duffer Brothers if the depressing detail was intentional or just a fluke.

“The honest response is, clearly like the characters in the show, we also forgot about Will’s birthday,” Matt Duffer answered. “So the debate now is whether we adjust Will’s birthday or we just let it be really sad.”

“You know how George R.R. Martin has somebody — I mean, his story is more vast — and Stephen King has someone who just keeps track of this stuff? We need that. We don’t have that,” he continued. “So Ross and I, and my memory’s not great, but we love Will, and I don’t want people to think we don’t love Will because we forgot — we do! But now we mentioned Dustin’s birthday this season, so we’re being very careful for people not to forget, in case the timelines…”

The Duffer Brothers joked that they may “George Lucas” the oversight and go back and change the date.

“We’re thinking his new birthday is going to be May 22nd, because 'May' can fit in Winona’s mouth [in the Season 2 scene where Joyce says the date of Will’s birthday]. So that would be us George Lucas-ing the situation,” Duffer said, speaking of the director of Star Wars.

Ross Duffer added “it was obviously a mistake, and we’re sorry. We apologize to the fans.”

The first installment of Stranger Things Season 4 was released by Netflix on May 27, 2022. The second half will drop July 1.

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