Strictly's Ola Jordan shares bikini photo that 'horrified' and 'disappointed' her

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Strictly Ola Jordan. (Getty Images)
Ola Jordan receives endless comments of support after posting about the 'shock' of what her body looks like. (Getty Images)

Ola Jordan has shared a swimwear photo with husband James Jordan to Instagram that she originally was going to avoid posting because it made her feel "horrified and so disappointed with myself".

Sharing the post and thoughts about her body's appearance on social media, the former Strictly Come Dancing Star has received an influx of positive comments and support.

The Instagram post features both the dancing professionals posing in front of a pool in the sunshine, Ola, 39, in a pink bikini and James, 44, in swim shorts.

"Hi guys. I wasn’t going to post this picture but I’ve decided to because I’m horrified and so disappointed with myself and by posting it I’m hoping it will help motivate me to do something about it," her caption reads.

"Our friend took this snap of us yesterday trying to stay cool by the pool but OMG... it was a total shock to say the least! When did we get ‘mum and dad bods’ ????"

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"We know we’re not in our best Strictly shape but hey that’s what happens when you stop dancing for hours every day and have a baby," Ola added, before joking, "(I just want to know James’ excuse)".

"Stay cool everyone. I think I need to avoid the ice cream for a while!!!," she said.

James also left his thoughts, writing, "Saw this ages ago but my message didn’t go up - have you been drinking?

"We just look different babe - but OMG I look old."

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Ola Jordan and James Jordan on the red carpet at The Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards, in partnership with TSB, at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane. (Photo by Keith Mayhew/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Ola Jordan and James Jordan are both former Strictly Come Dancing professionals, pictured here when pregnant with Ella in October 2019. (Getty Images)

Fans and friends of the couple were quick to voice their support with Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby commenting, "You both still look bloody amazing! Hate to read you put yourself down! You are stunning ola! And both amazing people abs parents."

Love Island's Laura Anderson echoed this with, "Stunning as always ola you were always my strictly inspo watching for years, so beautiful and talented and trust me you still are."

She also encouraged Ola to "enjoy your food booze and family time" as "it’s way more fun than keeping up a six pack let’s be honest".

Meanwhile, Alex Murphy wrote "You two look absolutely perfect. Love you both", Charlotte Dawson said, "Beautiful", Zoe Ball, "love you both", Lisa Armstrong, "I think you both look fab!!!" and Kimberley Walsh left a string of hearts.

Many fans also helped to normalise what our bodies should look like and our expectations of them, especially as parents, telling her to "embrace the mum and dad bods" as "being healthy and happy is the main thing".

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 Ola Jordan and James Jordan attend the red carpet launch for
Ola Jordan and James Jordan at the red carpet launch for Strictly Come Dancing in Borehamwood, September 2013. (Getty Images)

"Omg stop don’t say horrified you guys are gorgeous!! And well done for sharing this beautiful photo of normal bodies thank you," wrote one.

"Refreshing post Ola - you are very gorgeous and always look so whatever size. It’s bloody hard after having a baby!!!," echoed another.

And the comments are endless:

"Ah I love this post and you are both real people at the end of the day! If you train that hard for so long yes you keep the figure but that’s not real life and that’s totally cool! Plus you grew another human so that in itself is awesome x."

"Your just real people and are enjoying parenthood with your beautiful daughter that’s all that matters."

"It's refreshing to see that we all relax with family and finding your happy place with your loved ones. I am sure you prefer having your beautiful little girl than a glitter ball ! You look beautiful."

Ola Jordan and James Jordan attend the QIPCO British Champions Day at Ascot Racecourse on October 20, 2018 in Ascot, England.  (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images for Ascot)
Ola Jordan and James Jordan are so grateful their first round of IVF was successful, pictured here at Ascot in 2018. (Getty Images)

This follows the couple opening up about their in vitro fertilisation (IVF) journey with Ella and their thoughts on a second baby in June, World Infertility Awareness Month.

The method is one way to help people with fertility problems have a baby, and involves removing an egg from the woman's ovaries and fertilising it with sperm in a lab, before returning to the womb.

It can be carried out using your eggs and your partner's sperm, or eggs and sperm from donors.

Ola and James have been married for 18 years, trying for a baby for three years they were able to conceive, which they did through IVF in 2019.

When they left Strictly (James in 2014 and Ola in 2015) and tried to start a family, they unfortunately didn't have much luck.

"I always wanted to be a mum and I loved children," Ola told Hello! "I always loved looking after my nieces. I had that in me, so I think that’s why it upset me even more that I couldn’t have a child on my own, because I was always ready for that.

"I was really wrapped up in getting pregnant. Every second thinking, 'Am I pregnant?'"

James added, "For a lot of people, you don't want to go down the IVF route. You're like 'No, it's going to happen!'

"You put yourself under pressure once it’s not happening, which isn't good either apparently. I think everyone wants to have children naturally and many people seem scared of talking about the fact they’ve been through IVF."

But, after years of trying, they decided to give it a go.

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Commenting on having to inject herself every night to help eggs build up, Ola said she found the process more mentally painful than physically painful.

"To me, that was nothing. I can push myself quite hard – my pain threshold is quite high I'd say, so it didn't bother me if I was going to get a baby from that. The waiting process of IVF was hard."

They were very lucky in that their first round of treatment was successful.

"The pregnancy was really nerve-racking," said Ola. "I didn’t want to do anything strenuous. I didn’t want to exercise too much, I was just 'being.'"

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They welcomed Ella in February 2020, described by Ola as "the best thing ever".

"Even now, I feel so emotional about it because I remember how I felt. When they put Ella on my chest and after all we went through, it was so special."

James added, "It was unbelievable. It was like that Lion King moment for me. Ola had a C-section and the sheet was covering everything, then this lady lifted our baby above the sheet and I wanted to make the Lion call - and Ella was so pretty!"

While it wasn't all plain sailing, with the onset of the pandemic, the passing of James' father, and Ella suffering separation anxiety as a lockdown baby, they are enjoying life, with her picking up more confidence at nursery.

When asked if they'd like another baby, Ola said, "Yeah. I would love to have another baby," beams Ola. "We're not thinking about another baby yet though" which James echoed with "We haven't thought about another baby imminently, but we would definitely go through it [IVF] again if we decide that we want to."

The pair regularly post little Ella on their social media. In one recent Instagram post, with her pictured posing with sunglasses by a pool, Ola wrote, "That sass!!! Where do you get it from? You are the funniest child with so much character and personality!!! I just love all the funny things you do and say."

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