Sudanese man subjected to verbal abuse blames Turnbull and Dutton for dividing community

A South Sudanese-born man subjected to verbal abuse in Brisbane has blamed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton for the incident.

Dave Anei said Mr Turnbull and Mr Dutton's statements on Melbourne's "African Gangs" problem had stoked division and were responsible for the attack, which was recorded in videos posted to Facebook.

One of the videos shows a shirtless man, who Mr Anei says, followed his wife and children home from daycare.

After yelling at Mr Anei through a screen door and giving him the middle finger the man confronts him and asks "what the f*** are you going to do?

Dave Anei filmed a man he claims followed his wife and children home before threatening him. Source: Facebook

When asked to leave the home, the shirtless ranter said "this ain't your property" before claiming Mr Anei's "boys" had been "starting s***" with him.

But when challenged he is unable to say who the boys are and begins posturing, hurling abuse and shouting "do you know who us Aussie c**** are mate?"

He then lists several bikie gangs.

"Congratulations Mr Prime Minister and your Minister Dutton, you've achieved to create division among the community," Mr Anei posted with the video.

A second video shows the man threatening to rip a screen door off.

No complaint has been made to police but officers are investigating and are looking for the man captured in the footage.

Two videos show the man threatening Mr Anei. Source: Facebook