Suki Waterhouse says she is finding motherhood ‘shocking in every way’

Suki Waterhouse has said she is finding motherhood “shocking in every way”.

The singer and model was photographed with her baby for the cover of British Vogue, and told the magazine she was in “floods of tears” on the phone to her mum, when she found out she was having a baby girl.

She told the magazine that a rap playlist, and the support of her fiance, Robert Pattinson, had got her through the birth, but added she had a “shocking” realisation when she found out how often her baby needed to be breastfed.

Robert Pattinson in a grey jacket with a black top
Waterhouse described Pattinson as ‘the dad I could’ve hoped for’ (Ian West/PA)

Waterhouse said: “Every two hours. I was alarmed in the hospital when they kept waking me up. I was like, Excuse me? Is this what this entails?

“He was there with me and like all dads, he was really nervous, but for someone who’s quite an anxious person, he’s been very calm.”

The 32-year-old, who will release her second album, Memoir Of A Sparklemuffin, on Friday September 13, said she and Pattinson had planned the baby, despite the fact she has an upcoming tour which the baby will need to accompany her on.

She added: “One day we looked at each other and said: ‘Well, this is as ready as we’re going to be.’ I was like: ‘What can make more chaos?'”

Waterhouse said she had undertaken minimal preparation for the baby, taking no antenatal classes, instead opting for baby books which she did not get time to read.

The Hammersmith-born model said: “I really had no concept that there was a baby inside me. Like, I knew that was the case, but I was like: ‘What do you mean? That’s insane.'”

Waterhouse said the only thing she had done prior to the birth was find out the baby’s gender.

She added: “I wish I hadn’t wanted to find out, but I needed to prepare myself mentally.”

The first thing she opted to do on finding out it was a girl was to call her mother.

Waterhouse added: “I was like: ‘Oh, my God, am I going to have to go through what you went through with me?’

“I was just such a little bitch, my mum usually loves telling my terrible teenage stories, but she was like: ‘No, no, you were great, you were amazing, you were fine.'”

She described Pattinson as “the dad I could have hoped for”, and spoke about the time she first met him.

Waterhouse said she made a beeline for the Twilight actor at an LA games night, where they were both “got told off” for “giggling at the absurdity of the whole thing” while playing a game called Werewolf.

Despite connecting at the party, Waterhouse revealed that they did not swap numbers until they bumped into each other “six or seven months” later.

Her new album features a song about their romance, which she describes as “my dream”, called To Love.

Waterhouse said: “I had a very clear feeling of being like: ‘Oh, wow, Rob and I have been together six years and I’m still really into this.’

“That’s never happened to me before, that’s like a crazy thing, this love and having a family and having a little world.”