Summer heat survival hacks: 7 genius essentials to keep cool on the go

The summer season was made for all-day fun in the sun, but being unprepared in the scorching heat can quickly ruin a good time.

However, worry not, sun seekers. We've compiled a list of 7 essential items that you need to keep on hand to beat the summer heat and enjoy the season to the fullest.

From portable strollers and spray fans to an easy DIY misting spray and quick-dry towels, our comprehensive list of summer must-haves covers all the bases so you can stay cool and comfortable wherever your summer days take you.

Whether you're planning a beach trip, camping adventure, or a day at the amusement park, having these essential items on hand will ensure that you’re prepped like a pro and can make the most of every summer adventure. Tip: For easy access and portability, store these summer essentials in one bag, so you're always ready and able to seize those summer days without delay.

Watch the video above to see the 7 summer essentials you need to keep cool on the go.

Summer essentials to beat the heat 

  • Small rechargeable stroller or spray fan. These versatile fans are a must-have for beating the summer heat. They typically come with clips or legs that can easily clip onto or twist around anything, allowing you to place your fan wherever you need it. The rechargeable kind is best for convenience and portability, and you can kick the comfort up a notch by grabbing one that adds a refreshing mist to the equation. That burst of coolness is perfect for scorching days when you're on the move.

  • DIY misting spray. Stay cool with an easy DIY misting spray. Simply fill a fine mist spray bottle with clean water and, for an extra chilling effect, keep it in the refrigerator and remove it when you’re ready to use.

  • Quick dry towels. Ideal for pool and beach days, quick-dry towels are essential for staying dry while lightening the load you’re hauling around. Say goodbye to soggy, heavy beach towels and hello to the magic and convenience of a quick-dry option.

  • UV protection travel umbrella. Be prepared to block the sun's rays wherever and whenever with a portable, UV protection umbrella. Whether you're heading to the beach or strolling through the city, having a portable UV protection umbrella on hand will provide much-needed shade and sun protection so you’re practicing sun safety all summer long.

  • Cooling towel. With just a little bit of water, these tiny wonders can keep you cool wherever you go. Simply wet the cooling towel, give it a quick snap, and apply it to your body’s pulse points to cool down quickly during those sweltering summer days.

  • Beach tarp/outdoor blanket. If you’re planning an outdoor adventure, don't forget the beach tarp or water-resistant outdoor blanket. From picnics to soccer games to lazy days on the sand, a water-resistant blanket or tarp is ideal for on-the-go families thanks to its wipeable, low-maintenance design.

  • Camping umbrella. Camping umbrellas are perfect for toting to the beach or the sidelines thanks to their typically compact carrying cases and universal clamps that can be easily secured to golf bags, beach chairs, or even bleachers. They’re another simple way to protect your skin from the sun wherever your summer days take you.

BONUS: Deodorant. Keep a travel-size deodorant tucked away in your summer essentials stash so you can feel fresh and confident throughout the day.

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