Sunday newspapers take final chance to make election endorsements

Many Sunday newspapers have declared who they think should be in Downing Street after this week’s General Election.

The Sunday Mirror‘s endorsement of Labour dominates its front page.

A collage of a range of its previous front pages featuring scandals from the Conservatives’ time in government sits beside a headline which says “14 years of Tory chaos”.

It also tells readers to “be on the right side of history this time” and to vote Labour.

General Election campaign 2024
Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is favourite to become prime minister after Thursday’s election (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

The Sunday Times states that the “Conservatives have in effect forfeited the right to govern”.

It feels Thursday is “a landmark” election after an “unedifying” campaign as voters pass judgment on 14 years of Conservative Government.

Its editorial states “we cannot go on as we are, and we believe it is now the right time for Labour to be entrusted with restoring competence to government”.

It adds: “Britain needs to do better as a place to live, work and do business.”

The time since 2016 is described as being “defined by political chaos that has fatally distracted the political class from those issues that matter most to voters – healthcare, schools and the economy”.

General Election campaign 2024
The nation will vote in the General Election on Thursday (Jane Barlow/PA)

The Independent uses a blacked-out front page to urge people to vote for Labour.

It states: “This newspaper has a proud tradition of rarely backing any one party at an election. But these are extraordinary times. 14 years of Conservative rule has destroyed our trust in politics. Which is why, with conditions, we lend support to Keir Starmer’s Labour and respectfully urge you to join us and Vote for Change on 4th July.”

The Mail on Sunday comments: “It is not all over yet. Vote Conservative on Thursday and we may yet escape a long and punishing season of hard Labour.”

It also states: “For all their faults, the Tories are what stand between us and Sir Keir’s leaden wokery, his green zealotry, his instinctive desire to tax savers, his feeble opaqueness on mass immigration, his embedded sympathy for the Remainer cause, and his party which, for all its makeovers and tweakments, remains what it has always been, a machine for spending other people’s money until it runs out.”

The Sunday Telegraph‘s editorial is headlined “Vote Tory to save Britain from Labour”.

General Election campaign 2024
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is expected to suffer a heavy defeat (Joe Giddens/PA)

It says the polls suggest Labour is headed for a massive majority but “an administration led by Sir Keir would be dramatically worse than one led by Rishi Sunak”.

It adds: “Despite the unedifying nature of the campaign, this could come to be seen as one of the most consequential general elections in decades.

“It would be a disaster for Britain if Labour were to be given unparalleled power to refashion the country in its spiteful, intolerant, ‘progressive’ image.”

On its front page the Observer states that voters have the chance “not just to evict one of the worst governments this country has ever endured but to replace it with a Labour administration characterised by integrity and a respect for public office, an understanding of ordinary people’s lives, and an honest desire to make Britain a fairer and greener place”.

The Sunday Express tells voters they are not only deciding if Britain needs change but also whether Sir Keir is allowed to deliver that change.

It adds: “If you have any doubt he is the right person, the only sensible option is to vote Conservative.”