Sunrise slammed over Thomas Markle interview: 'A new low'

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Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and David 'Kochie' Koch sat down for an exclusive interview with Meghan Markle's father Thomas on Wednesday morning, but it seems the move has angered many viewers of the popular breakfast program.

The Duchess of Sussex's estranged father Thomas Markle Senior appeared on the program via video link to discuss the fact he hadn't yet met either of his grandchildren Archie or Lilibet.

sunrise hosts Nat Barr and David Koch
Nat Barr and David Koch interviewed Thomas Markle Snr on Wednesday morning. Photo: Channel 7

"Firstly you haven't yet me either of your grandchildren, that must be incredibly difficult. What lengths will you go to to see them?" Nat Barr asked.

After previously threatening legal actions to force Meghan and Harry to allow him to see the children, Thomas now claims he would "wait patiently".

"Until they were ready to bring them to me," he replied. "I don't want to be a stalker or do anything like that."


He did however go on to say he thought both Archie and Lilibet were being "deprived" of seeing all of their grandparents, and all of their relatives. Indeed the Queen herself is yet to meet Lilibet in person.

"I think that's terribly unfair to them," he added.

thomas markle on Sunrise
Thomas Markle spoke about his estranged relationship with Meghan. Photo: Channel 7

Sunrise viewers slam Thomas Markle interview

Viewers seemed less than impressed with the interview, with many taking to social media to call out what some dubbed "poor television".

"Sunrise hits a new low giving this man air time," one person wrote on Twitter.

"No thanks. What more does this person have to say??? Why give him air time," another asked.

While a third said: "Gross. This is poor television."

Thomas thinks Prince Harry ‘acts like a 12-year-old boy’

After talking about, what Kochie called Thomas' really "strained" and "sad relationship" with his daughter, Kochie eventually asked whether Thomas agreed with reports that Meghan was "controlling" and that Prince Harry is Meghan's "puppet".

"My daughter is very controlling and she's been raised to be that way," Thomas replied, later clarifying that she had a lot of "self confidence".

"Harry to me hasn't shown me much of anything. I'm yet to meet the man. I know very little about him except that he still acts like a 12-year-old boy.

"And I know that both of my daughter's could certainly control any man."

meghan markle
Thomas said he believed Meghan could be 'controlling'. Photo: Getty

Thomas Markle says he has "tried a few times" to reach his estranged daughter through her mother, but has "not been able to get through."

He also isn't confident he can mend his broken relationship with his daughter.

"I would like to see all four of them go back to England and fulfil their obligation. It's better for their children and for them," Thomas added.

"By not taking them back, they're cheating their children."

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