Sunrise's Nat Barr sparks fierce debate with 'controversial' on-air confession

Viewer's were divided after Nat shared her opinion.

Sunrise host Nat Barr has divided viewers after she revealed which fruit she hates the most during Tuesday morning’s broadcast.

Following a news report about a summer mango shortage due to a warmer-than-average winter, Edwina Bartholomew questioned what she should put on her pavlova instead.

Sunrise’s Nat Barr and Matt Shirvington.
Sunrise’s Nat Barr has revealed which fruit she hates the most. Photos: Channel Seven

Matt ‘Shirvo’ Shirvington then chimed in and suggested passion fruit, which Nat immediately shut down.

“Nope,” she said firmly.

“Oh really? On a pav?” Matt asked her, while Eddy was also shocked by Nat’s stance.

“Sorry, I’m an anti-passion fruit person,” she shared.


“Even on a pavlova?” Eddy questioned, to which Nat replied, “Anywhere! I don’t like the taste”.

Nat then apologised to any passion fruit growers watching the show and said she thinks they have a “weird taste”.

“Give me a strawberry any day,” she added.

She also physically gagged when Matt asked her if she liked the “crunchy seeds” of a passion fruit.


After a clip of the discussion was shared on social media, viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts on passion fruit.

“I agree with you Nat,” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “Me too yucky passion fruit”.

“I don’t like passion fruit or kiwi on my pavlova either! Just my opinion!” a third shared.

“I’m with Nat. Passion fruit seeds are the worst!” someone else replied, while a different user said, “Eating passion fruit is like eating sand”.


Meanwhile, there were a handful of people who opposed Nat’s stance about the tropical fruit.

“I disagree that Nat wholeheartedly I love passion fruit on pavlova,” one fan commented.

“Mention passion fruit and my mouth WATERS! If I smell it… my mouth waters!” another remarked.

“This is controversial. This could be a full segment and debate,” someone else wrote on TikTok.

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