Sunrise's Natalie Barr reveals cancer diagnosis, Julian Assange's wife reacts to huge update: Australia news live

Plus bird flu has spread once again in Australia.

Yahoo's live news blog has now concluded for Tuesday, June 25.

We started with the news four people, including a teenager, have been found dead inside a northern Melbourne home. Police say at this stage, the deaths are not believed to be suspicious.

Julian Assange has left the British prison he has been in since 2019 and is just days away from potentially being a free man in Australia. His wife Stella Assange has reacted to the developments. Find out what she said below.

Sunrise host Natalie Barr has also revealed she has been given a cancer scare after visiting a dermatologist.

Federal Labor MP Luke Gosling says Australia's AUKUS defence pact needs to deliver more nuclear-powered submarines to ensure it is well-equipped if war was to break out in the region. Read more below.

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    Judge blocked police evidence in Greg Lynn case

    Significant portions of evidence were barred from the jury in Greg Lynn's double murder trial after Justice Michael Croucher deemed it had been obtained through “reprehensible” conduct of some officers.

    Lynn spent nine hours over the four days following his 2021 arrest on November 22 sitting in an interview room with two detectives who repeatedly peppered him with questions about the deaths of Carol Clay and Russell Hill and pushed him to answer the questions.

    Police had not planned to arrest him but swooped on a campsite where he was over fears he planned to take his own life after bugging his car and listening to his self-talk.

    Greg Lynn.
    Greg Lynn.

    After a phone call with a lawyer in the morning of November 23, he repeatedly declined to answer their questions but became increasingly desperate as time went on. He eventually told them he would ignore his lawyer's advice and tell them "what happened right from the start".

    Both Sergeant Brett Florence and Senior Constable Daniel Passingham were found by the court to have engaged in deliberate efforts to undermine his lawyer’s advice.

    Justice Croucher found the two detectives had deliberately and egregiously undermined the solicitor’s advice through a “ withering barrage of oppressive and improper inducements” to influence Mr Lynn’s decision to make admissions and reveal the location of the remains.

    Today, Lynn was found not guilty of the murder of Russell Hill and guilty of the murder of Carol Clay.

    Read more here.

  • Not guilty verdict 'devastating' for families

    A joint statement from Russell Hill and Carol Clay's families has been released by Victoria Police after Greg Lynn was found guilty on one of two murder charges.

    While they thanked the jury for finding Lynn guilty of murdering Clay, the not guilty verdict for the murder charge in relation to Hill's death was "devastating".

    "There was not enough evidence to be sure of how he died. Our families were always aware that the prosecutor had an enormous burden of proof as there were no eyewitnesses," it said.

    "The accused was the only person who saw and experienced what happened. He was also the only person who emerged alive. We thank the crown prosecutors wholeheartedly for their diligent effort in presenting the pretrial and the trial. They had an enormous job putting a case together with limited evidence.

    "They fought hard to keep all their evidence allowed in court, so the jury could make an informed decision, but this was not the case."

    The families said it would take time to "absorb the verdicts" and asked for their privacy to be respected.

  • Greg Lynn pictured leaving court

    Here's a photo of Greg Lynn leaving court today after he was found guilty on one of two charges of murder.

    He will return to court for the start of the sentencing process on July 19 before later learning how long he will be behind bars.

    Greg Lynn leaves the Supreme Court of Victoria on Tuesday. Source: AAP
    Greg Lynn leaves the Supreme Court of Victoria on Tuesday. Source: AAP
  • Australia out of Twenty20 World Cup

    Australia have been knocked out of the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup after Afghanistan beat Bangladesh in dramatic fashion.

    Afghanistan had already shocked Australia by beating them in the group, and were able to jump above Australia in the standings in the final match to qualify for the semi-finals.

  • Albanese wants Assange 'home'

    Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has addressed the news Julian Assange could be freed following a court appearance in Saipan tomorrow morning, saying his case has gone on far too long.

    "I have been a very clear as both the Labor leader and opposition but also as prime minister that regardless of the views that people have about Julian Assange and his activities, the case has dragged on for too long, there is nothing to be gained by his continued incarceration and we want him brought home to Australia," he said.

  • Greg Lynn found guilty on one count of murder in split verdict

    In some breaking news, former Jetstar pilot Greg Lynn has been found guilty of murdering camper Carol Clay but not guilty of the murder of Russell Hill.

    The jury had questioned on Monday whether they needed to find Lynn guilty or not guilty of both charges, however were told they must treat each charge separately.

    We will bring you more details as they come in.

  • Who is Julian Assange's wife?

    One of the popular Google searches this morning following the news Julian Assange could soon be a free man is who is his wife?

    That would be 41-year-old Stella Assange, a Swedish human rights lawyer who revealed her joy at the developments in her husband's case on Tuesday.

    Stella, maiden name Moris, married Julian Assange in March 2022 in Britain's high-security Belmarsh prison where he'd been imprisoned since 2019, and said at the time she was marrying "the love of my life".

    The couple have two young sons together, Gabriel, 7, and Max, 5. They met when Assange was under house arrest in the UK in 2011 and Moris, who had joined his legal team, took particular interest in his situation, convinced he was innocent.

    They became close once Assange was living inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, telling The Guardian she fell in love with him in 2014.

    Partner of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Stella Moris, (C), with their children Gabriel (R) and Max, attends a picnic in Parliament Square, central London on July 3, 2021, to mark his 50th birthday. (Photo by Niklas HALLE'N / AFP) (Photo by NIKLAS HALLE'N/AFP via Getty Images)
    Stella Assange pictured in 2021 with her two sons Gabriel (right) and Max (left). Source: AFP via Getty

    “We set up a tent for privacy and escapism – it was quite cosy. The cameras multiplied over time. Eventually there was nowhere to go without one hanging over your head," she recalled in 2021.

    It was becoming more difficult to conceal their relationship, and with fears their conversations were being recorded, Moris informed Assange in writing she was pregnant with their first child.

    She hid the relationship from friends before publicly revealing in March 2020 the pair had two sons together when unsuccessfully campaigning for his release from prison at the start of the Covid pandemic.

  • Passengers taken to hospital after Boeing plane drops 26,900ft in just 15 minutes

    Just a month after the Singapore Airlines turbulence flight, 17 passengers have been hospitalised after a Korean Air flight plunged 27,000ft in 15 minutes.

    Nearly 50 minutes into the flight, a fault in the Boeing 737 Max 8’s pressurisation system reportedly triggered alarms inside the flight. As a result, the aircraft rapidly descended, according to online flight tracker Flightradar24’s data.

    Passengers reportedly experienced hyperventilation and ear pain, with 17 people requiring hospitalisation upon landing in Taichung, Taiwan.

    Read more here.

    A woman holds an oxygen mask to her face on the flight. Source: KameraOne
    A woman holds an oxygen mask to her face on the flight. Source: KameraOne
  • Assange could walk free after 14 years

    It's been nearly 15 years since WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was first arrested, but he could soon be a free man.

    He is expected to plead guilty this week to violating US espionage law, in a deal that could end his imprisonment in Britain and allow him to return home to Australia, US prosecutors say.

    US prosecutors said in court papers that Assange, 52, has agreed to plead guilty to a single criminal count of conspiring to obtain and disclose classified US national defence documents, according to filings in the US District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands.

    Assange is due to be sentenced at a hearing on the island of Saipan at 9am (AEST) on Wednesday where he is likely to be credited for the time he has already served and face no new jail time.

    FILE - Julian Assange speaks to the media outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, May 19, 2017. Assange will plead guilty to a felony charge in a deal with the U.S. Justice Department that will free him from prison and resolve a long-running legal saga over the publication of a trove of classified documents. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein, File)
    Assange pictured in 2017. Source: AP

    - With Reuters

  • Sunrise host Natalie Barr reveals cancer scare

    Sunrise host Natalie Barr has revealed to viewers she's currently being treated for skin cancer.

    “I had a pimple on my nose that wouldn’t go away, plus I reckon it had been couple of years since I had a skin check, so I went the dermatologist,” Barr revealed on Tuesday morning.

    “He said it was skin cancer — this tiny little dot on my nose. The good thing is I got it really early, and there’s not much treatment."

    While she said she had an 'oh my god' moment when receiving the news, she was informed it could be treated non-surgically.

    Nat Barr revealed her cancer scare to viewers on Tuesday. Source: Seven
    Nat Barr revealed her cancer scare to viewers on Tuesday. Source: Seven
  • Bird flu continues to spread across Australia

    Bird flu has spread to an eighth location in Victoria, forcing the egg farm to cull all its birds.

    It comes after NSW authorities reported a second Sydney farm detected a different strain to the one impacting Victorian farms.

    Neither are the H5N1 virus which has infected more than 97 million birds and 118 dairy herds in the United States.

  • Warning Australia not doing enough for possible China war

    Talk of a future war with China has resurfaced, after federal Labor MP Luke Gosling said Australia's submarine plans just aren't good enough.

    With China's increased assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific, coupled with a surge in defence spending, Gosling says the AUKUS deal isn't delivering enough nuclear-powered subs to Australia. He says we need at least 12 to provide a more "favourable balance of power".

    "(The submarines) are overwhelmingly in Australia's interest because they strengthen the country's ability to deter war by threatening painful consequences for aggression against Australia, its partners, and its interests," Gosling wrote in a Lowy Institute report.

    "(They) will give Australia added strategic weight to deter a more powerful adversary by demonstrating the country's capability to target forces that would otherwise outrange its own."

    He said having four more nuclear subs than planned could well be "decisive in a battle for Australia".

    Of course, nuclear subs are extremely expensive and take decades to deliver, with Australia's full fleet only expected in the 2050s. China has been working tirelessly to increase its current fleet.

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