Supermodel, 68, sizzles in new swimsuit snap: 'Amazing'

Supermodel Christie Brinkley has wowed fans with a photo she posted to Instagram of her relaxing in a black swimsuit.

The 68-year-old, who has previously appeared on the covers of Sports Illustrated and Vogue, is pictured relaxing in front of a pool with her foot on a table and surrounded by newspapers in the snap taken for the cover of Social Life magazine.

In her caption, Christie said she would use the weekend to catch up on some reading and asked her followers what she should read next.

The supermodel often posts photos of herself wearing swimsuits. Source: Instagram
The supermodel often posts photos of herself wearing swimsuits. Source: Instagram

Instead of book recommendations, fans commented on how amazing the model looked in her swimsuit.

"You look absolutely amazing," one wrote.

"You're absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking," another said.

"How can someone nearly 70 look that hot," a third added.


Christie often stuns fans with her age-defying looks and regularly posts photos of herself in swimsuits.

Last month she shared a video of her walking on the sand in a hot pink one-piece and a white kaftan.

In another post from earlier this year, the model posed in a cabana and showed off her incredible figure in a blue bikini.

"How is it possible you still can rock a bikini like a 25-year-old you are such [an] inspiration," one comment read.

"WOWIE Christie! You look fabulous and that wonderful smile of yours captured my heart since my younger days! Thank you for being inspirational to the masses!" another fan wrote.

"Gorgeous, you look like you're 30..." a third said.

Christie opened up about her workout routine to The Cut in 2018, saying she opted for spin classes or weights.

She added she had been a vegetarian since she was 13, with fish coming and going into her diet.

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