Supermodel Maria Borges On Summer Fashion And Who Would Play Her In A Biopic

maria borges zimmermann interview
Getting Ready With Supermodel Maria BorgesAndy Swartz

It was only a matter of time before the Australian luxury resortwear brand Zimmermann landed on the shores of St. Barths, the A-list favourite holiday destination known for its beautiful beaches, laid-back vibes and endless glamour. So, naturally, to celebrate the opening of their first boutique on the Caribbean island, founders Nicky and Simone Zimmermann hosted a magical three-day-long event for family and friends of the brand – who acted as a living, breathing look-book of the new-season collection.

Among the guests was 31-year-old Angolan supermodel Maria Borges, who took ELLE UK behind the scenes as she got ready for the glitzy, sun-soaked festivities, and shared her top haircare tips, holiday packing must-haves, and the actor she'd like to play her in a biopic of her life.

maria borges zimmermann interview
Andy Swartz


On her outfit for the occasion...

'The idea for today's beach party look was to feel happy and elegant, knowing that we are on such an incredible trip to have fun with friends and family of the Zimmermann brand. The jumpsuit that I picked to wear is short and a little bit sheer and I love it – I always like to show my long legs, and even if it is really short I still feel comfortable. I let my legs breathe because the vibe here in St Barths is all about that. I wore a pair of sandals because the event was on the beach and I wanted to be able to be relaxed, and also lots of gold jewellery.'

On personal style...

'I always like to ask my stylist and my team to help me to choose what to wear for big events so I don't repeat the same outfit or style. Otherwise, I am the kind of person who likes to be consistent. Zimmermann has so many colours and prints which bring me joy – I have walked in Zimmermann's show in the past and I always go with fresh looks that have a lot of movement. I love anything that's easy to wear and gives that happy vibe, and I always add jewellery to complement my outfit. My tip for choosing a look is to always bring a friend, and go for something that speaks to you in that moment.'

maria borges zimmermann interview
Andy Swartz

On the importance of energy...

'What makes me feel my best is wearing something to make me shine because this boosts my confidence. As a woman, and now as a mother, I want to find something that complements my energy. I also want to help other women to feel beautiful. Sometimes you are low, you don't feel your best, and some other people may feel the same energy... So it's good to uplift ourselves, with our energy and we can connect with other people too.'

On her handbag must-haves...

'For this event in St Barth, my must-have would definitely be sunscreen... A lot of it! And of course, water, lip balm and a small bottle of perfume. My phone too, because I always need to be connected with my daughter and I like to take lots of pictures and videos to share with my family.'

maria borges zimmermann interview
Andy Swartz

On who she hopes would play her in a biopic...

'The actor, Lupita Nyong'o, is the best. I love her for many reasons – because of her natural hair, the way she carries our culture as African women, and the way she empowers all black women. She always looks amazing, I love her.'

On summer holiday packing essentials...

'A lot of bikinis but I am also into one-pieces. I like a bathing suit like the one I am wearing in these images: chic and easy to wear. You could also buy accessories like a big straw hat and sunglasses, sandals, a kaftan or a belted sarong. If you have these key pieces, you have everything you need for your holiday.'

maria borges zimmermann interview
Andy Swartz

On haircare tips...

'I always make sure that my hair is glowing, as I usually keep my natural hair short. I feel for black women, it's very empowering to wear our own hair. I know we do braids and wigs to change our mood or hairstyle, but embracing our hair is just like finishing the whole story to complement your style. I also like oil in my hair to moisturise it, especially when I do braids – when you put oil in, you see the glow. And that’s it, this is how you carry yourself, big and beautiful.'

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