Surprising industries desperate for workers

While job ads are dropping around the country, some industries are still desperate for new workers.

Jobs data: People crossing a busy street in the Sydney CBD.
Aussies looking to make some quick cash of the holiday period will find plenty of jobs on offer. (Source: Getty)

In the lead-up to Christmas, job ads seeking Aussies to work in retail are predictably booming, but there are other industries needing new workers too.

Job ads fell 1.8 per cent in August, after a slight rise in July, according to the latest SEEK Employment report.

Job ad volumes decreased a whopping 20.5 per cent, year on year, but are still 19.7 per cent higher than August 2019.

Applications per job ad increased for the sixth consecutive month, rising 6.5 per cent from the month prior and are now more than double the year prior - meaning there is more competition for job seekers.

SEEK senior economist Matt Cowgill said the job market was getting tougher for Aussies looking for a new gig.

“It is an increasingly competitive market for candidates, with applications per job ad now more than double the levels recorded this time last year,” Cowgill said.

“When we remove the peaks and troughs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we see historically high volumes of opportunities for workers, matched with proportionately large application levels from candidates.

“We do appear to be moving closer to a hirer’s market, and yet there is still plenty of choice for workers looking to make a move.”

Industries hiring the most

Education and training was the largest industry by volume to record a month-on-month rise, with particular demand for early-childhood teachers (up 8 per cent) and childcare workers (up 3 per cent).

Ads in retail and consumer products rose 3.2 per cent, particularly for retail assistant positions, which were up 8 per cent, month on month, as businesses prepared for the busy Christmas period.

But another surprising industry saw a major increase in job ads - government and Defence (up 2.8 per cent).

According to Indeed, the most popular government and defence jobs are for administrative assistants - paying more than $78,000 a year, deputy assistants - paying more than $116,000 a year, and assistant directors - paying more than $115,000 a year.

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