Susan Sarandon is 'fighting every day' for her son's 'souls'

Susan Sarandon feels like she is "fighting every day" for her son's "souls" because of the "pressure" on young boys to be men.

The 'Thelma and Louise' star - who has Miles, 27, and Jack Henry, 30, with her ex-partner Tim Robbins - admits there is a constant battle for boys not to be "corrupted" from these "sweet, open, gentle children" into "hardened, often misogynistic men".

She said: "That was surprising! The socialisation process is pretty horrific for boys. More so than young girls, because girls are pretty much ignored in terms of power structure - that's their problem. Boys are corrupted from these sweet, open, gentle children into these hardened, often misogynistic men. There's some sense of entitlement that crashes in when they're about 30. There's just so many pressures on young boys to be men in a way that closes down their imagination. I mean, that's been my experience having two boys. You're just fighting every day for their soul."

And the 73-year-old actress loves using social media, but insists she doesn't use it to give her "opinion".

Speaking to The Independent, she added: "I don't use it to give my opinion. I use it to put out facts that aren't in the mainstream media. I use it to give a voice to organisations that don't have huge budgets, or health stats, or environmental stats. I think facts are facts. And so you go to the facts and you look them up and those are the facts. But I'm not gonna tell people what to think."