Suspect arrested in fatal hit-and-run that killed pedestrian

St. Thomas police have arrested and charged a man they say allegedly fled the scene of a car crash that killed a woman this past weekend.

John Charles Michael McLellan, 35, of Thamesville is accused of failing to stop at the scene of an accident causing death. He's also charged with two counts of operating a motor vehicle while prohibited, Chief Marc Roskamp said at a news conference Thursday.

Roskamp identified the victim as 34-year-old Carissa George but would not say where she was from.

"This is precisely the type of crime that has no place in our city, and we will extend all resources to ensure Mr. McClellan is held accountable for his actions," Roskamp said.

The alleged hit-and-run happened in the early morning on June 22nd when police were called to the intersection of Sunset Drive and Fingal Line at 1:20 a.m.. There, they said they found George.

Despite efforts from police, paramedics, and healthcare workers, George was pronounced dead at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital, police said.

Following the collision, police immediately got to work engaging with the public and working to find the accused. Part of those efforts included posting a video of the accused's vehicle on social media.

"Since the moment that our police service was contacted last week, our investigative teams have been working tirelessly and I've not put this matter down in five days," Roskamp said.

McLellan was arrested by Chatham-Kent police and brought back to St. Thomas, where he made a court appearance Thursday morning. Police commended members of the community for their efforts in helping with the investigation.

St. Thomas Police Chief Marc Roskamp, left, and Sgt. Matthew Lobsinger spoke at Thursday's news conference.
St. Thomas Police Chief Marc Roskamp, left, and Sgt. Matthew Lobsinger spoke at Thursday's news conference. (Isha Bhargava/CBC News)

Police are still looking for more information from community members to further their investigation.

"If anyone was out Saturday morning between 1:30 and 2:30 a.m., and had a dash Cam on their vehicle, let us know. Even though someone's been arrested and we have the person in custody, our work isn't done," said Sgt. Matthew Lobsinger.