Suzi Quatro has lived apart from husband for 25 years

Suzi Quatro and her husband have lived in separate houses ever since they married 25 years ago.

The 68-year-old singer and Rainer Hass have always lived apart after he stayed at home to look after his unwell mother when he wed the rocker in 1993, and the 'If You Can't Give Me Love' hitmaker thinks residing away from one another has "kept the romance going".

She said: "I am so romantic and kissy and affectionate. My husband and I don't live in the same, so that helps.

"We're together most of the time, but it keeps the romance going.

"I like this way better. I like my space when I want it.

"It's the natural thing to move in. But when we got married his mother wasn't well and he's an only child, and I had two small kids.

"So it didn't suit him to leave and not me either. It worked, so we stayed that way."

Suzi insists Rainer simply wouldn't get on the wrong side of her, and he doesn't need to play away because she is "different every day."

She said: "Don't f**k with me. Plus, my husband doesn't need mistresses, because I'm different every day. I drive myself mad."

Suzi recalls being "touched" by guys where she shouldn't have been in the past, and while most people "wouldn't dare" to do so, Malcolm Young - AC/DC's late co-founder, who died in November 2017 aged 64 - once pinched her butt, but was "genuinely sorry" when she shouted at him.

She added to Notebook magazine: "On tour with loads of men in bands sometimes after a show I'd walk in and they'd be watching porn. So I made them switch it off.

"There is a line and they crossed it. Some guys have touched where they shouldn't.

"It hasn't happened much, as most men wouldn't dare. The only one who got away with pinching my ass was Malcolm Young from AC/DC.

"The look on his face when I shouted at him was so innocent. He was genuinely sorry. So he got away with it. Just."