I Swear by These Exfoliating Pads From a Korean Brand Hailey Bieber Uses for Glass-Like Skin

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One shopper calls them "magic."

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Amazon / InStyle

I stand on two skincare soapboxes. First and foremost: wear sunscreen. A close second: exfoliate — specifically, with chemical exfoliators, which nix dry, dull surface cells to unearth a fresher, gloweir complexion that’s just below the surface, waiting to be revealed. Perhaps you’ve already established an exfoliation routine. For instance, Wednesdays and Saturdays have been my peel nights for years; and, for years, I’ve been diligently adhering to the biweekly sloughing schedule. Earlier this summer, however, traveling had turned me into a slacker — and it had started to show.

My portable, foolproof solution: Medicube Zero Pore Pads. Hailing from a Korean beauty brand used by Hailey Bieber, who has the brand’s anti-aging sculpting wand, the pads are a fasttrack to glow and a means to achieving the aspirational poreless-ness popularized by the Korean glass skin concept. The pads are sold at Amazon in a jar of 70 — and, for a limited time, they’re 20 percent off.





The Medicube Zero Pore Pads 2.0 are straightforward, single-use exfoliating discs designed to  shrink the appearance of large pores, slough dull, dead surface cells, and leave skin glowing and glasslike in a single swipe. Designed for all skin types, the pads are presoaked in a blend of dermatologist-approved acids, and provide a means of convenient, no-excuse exfoliation — even on the go. The formula is sebum-squelching and simultaneously non-drying — hydrating, even, thanks to added skin soothers — which is a plus for sensitive and dry skin types, or those who tend to experience irritation from traditional peels. A single pad suffices for my face and neck. There’s no need to rinse post-application. In fact, I usually layer serums and moisturizer right over top.

The pad, which feels truly soothing swiped across the skin, nevertheless contains hardworking acids. Alpha-hydroxy acid is present, in the form of citric acid — a gentle fruit-derived acid, that "remove[s] dead skin cells and reveal healthier underlying skin," dermatologist Dr. Branden Camp, MD, previously told InStyle. Beta hydroxy acid, in the form of willow bark, is also present, and annihilates excess sebum — a contributor to large-looking pores — to make them appear less prominent.

One shopper dubs the pads “magic in a tub” thanks to their “radiant and smooth” skin post-use. Plus, they add, the acids are “gentle” and the pads leave their skin “plump and moisturized” instead of raw and dry. Another shopper calls the pads a “great product for [getting] glass skin.” Finally, another impressed shopper who “used high-end chemical exfoliation brands” prior to finding Medicube’s pads, their skin is now “baby soft,” and it’s a “life changer.”

For the bounties of a traditional chemical peel in a fuss-free, single-swipe format, shop the Medicube Zero Pore Pads 2.0 while they’re 20 percent off at Amazon.

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