Sweden PM has virus after MPs debate

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Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has tested positive for COVID-19, her office says.

The Swedish leader had taken part in a debate in parliament with other party leaders earlier this week and at least two other top politicians have also tested positive since.

Her office told Swedish news agency TT that Andersson is following "the current recommendations and will carry out her work from home".

Andersson is doing fine, her office said.

Following Wednesday's debate in the 349-seat Riksdagen, Centre Party leader Annie Loof and Per Bolund, head of the small Green Party, also tested positive.

The latter coughed when speaking to the media afterward.

On Twitter, Bolund wrote Thursday that a quick test gave him the result and he immediately went into isolation as recommended by the Swedish Public Health Agency.

Other party leaders who took part in the debate have all tested negative, Swedish broadcaster SVT said.

Andersson, a former finance minister, became Sweden's first female prime minister in November.

She is the leader of the Social Democratic Party.

For most of the pandemic, Sweden stood out among European countries for its comparatively hands-off response.

The Scandinavian country never went into a lockdown or closed businesses, relying instead on citizens' sense of civic duty to control infections.

Authorities have emphasised individual responsibility instead of government health measures.

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