Sydney tenant's 'disgusting' find inside new apartment: 'Bad case of gastro'

A “disgusting” discovery inside a Sydney property has angered a single mum after signing a new lease on the home.

The mum turned to Facebook to share her disappointment after picking up the keys to her new three-bedroom home on Monday morning.

“Just moved into and signed my lease today,” she wrote online. “I looked at this unit before they did the vacate clean from the previous tenant. The carpets I was told would be steam cleaned and they have been, but not one stain was removed and the carpets are disgusting.”

In a series of photos of her flooring, the woman reveals a multitude of dark, suspect stains all over the tan carpet.

Stains on the carpet of a Sydney rental property.
Many people responding online wondered if the stains were blood with one user saying it was a 'biohazard.' Source: Facebook

While a large mark in one photo looks like the result of bleach, another image captures a splattering of stains, horrifying social media users who leapt to their own conclusions.

“[I] don’t want to alarm you, but a lot of those markets on the carpet look like blood,” one person wrote. “If so, it should be biohazard cleaned, not just steam cleaned.’

“Is that blood?” another added. “What happened there? Looks like a crime scene.”

“Were the previous tenants sacrificing small animals,” wrote another. “Tell the real estate you want this s**t clean again, properly.”

While others suggested the stains could be other human matter. “Looks like someone had a bad case of gastro,” one user wrote.

Stains on the carpet of the Sydney rental.
Facebook users said the carpet in the Sydney rental needed to be ripped up and replaced. Source: Facebook

“Those carpets will stink to high heaven in the heat,” another added. “Seriously though, that carpet looks like it needs to be ripped up and replaced,” someone else said.

As the mother of baby twins “who crawl and walk all over the floors,” the woman told the real estate agent that she wasn’t happy.

“The carpets are extremely stained,” she wrote in an email. “The stains that are on the carpets are everywhere and permanent. Some look like rust or blood. This is unsatisfactory.”

In a reply email to the tenant, the real estate agent insisted that the property had been professionally cleaned, but that the stains and marks were permanent.

“It has already met our standard [but] I am happy to send the cleaner to conduct further cleaning,” the agent wrote in an email shared by the woman on Facebook.

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