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Time to tailgate! Pregame in style with the best deals at Walmart this week, from $7

Three tailgating items to get from Walmart
Your team might not win, but you can with these great tailgating discounts. (Photo: Walmart)

With football season upon us, it's time to tailgate! If you're ready to crack some cold ones and cookout before cheering on your team, be sure to pack the essentials. These Walmart deals on portable chairs, mini speakers, coolers and more will make your 2022-2023 season a winner — regardless of how your team fares. So take a seat, turn on some tunes and get ready to root for these savings. You might just become this year's tailgating MVP.

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Pop a squat in this foldable, compact canvas chair at a price you absolutely cannot beat. A convenient cupholder helps prevent spills.
$7 at Walmart

Not only is the Ozark trail camping chair great for tailgating, it's also perfect for camping, backyard bonfires and sporting events. It's compact and sturdy but will fold up and fit over your shoulder and in the trunk of your car with ease. Each chair has a drink holder so your thirst-quencher of choice will always be within reach (and out of the accidental kicking zone).

Each chair can hold up to 225 pounds and comes with a polyester carrying case. The chair itself weighs less than five pounds. At this price, stock up with one for every member of the household!

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is designed for outdoor use, so blare your pregame tunes and don't worry if rain blows in unexpectedly.
$20 at Walmart

No party is complete without music, and a tailgate is no exception. This wireless, bluetooth speaker may be mini, but it packs a punch with 24 hours of playtime on a single charge. Pair it with your cell phone and pump out your fave tunes loud enough for the rival team to hear in the locker room. When football season is over, use it in the bathroom while showering, take it hiking or bring it on the road as you travel.

A large-capacity cooler that is easy to keep clean is just what you need on your tailgating team.
$25 at Walmart

No tailgate is ruined more quickly than by lukewarm beverages. Keep yours frosty with this Laguna Ice Chest by Igloo. Each cooler has 48 quarts of space, which roughly translates to 76 cans. Stain- and odor-resistant, it lets you alternate between beverages and food depending on your needs, without worrying about cleanup.

This thing gets heavy when it's full, so make sure a friend can grab one of the carrying handles as you stake out your spot in the parking lot.

A collapsible wheeled stand makes this reliable grill ultra-portable.
$131 at Walmart

The compact, lightweight Coleman Sportster ensures you can enjoy fresh bratwurst and burgers just about anywhere. This portable propane cutie might look tiny, but it offers 225 square inches of grilling space, so you can throw on a few burgers or kabobs at a time to feed a crew.

Bring it to the game, but use it at home or while camping, too. With its wheels and easy push-start, you'll be tempted to bring it everywhere. Just keep in mind that the grill aroma could draw visitors from the opposing team.

For the ultimate tailgating spread, this easy-to-tote table is key.
$40 at Walmart

Whether you're serving five types of dip and wings or looking for a level playing field for beer pong, this folding table is guaranteed to last. Heavy-duty and easy-to-carry, it's ready to withstand just about any party or family function. Keep it in the backyard for guests or bring it for all the parking lot shenanigans sure to unfold as you await game time.

It's ready for use indoors or outdoors with weather-resistant materials built to withstand everything from UV rays to rust. Plus, it folds in half so carrying it and fitting it in your vehicle is a cinch.

Watch the game in comfort, no matter the bleacher situation.
$60 at Walmart

Stadium seating is notoriously uncomfortable. Elevate your game day experience with this personal seat that adds padding and armrests. Carry it to your seat like a backpack: it's lightweight and portable. With attached pockets to stash your phone and beverage, you'll be the envy of the entire stadium.