Tana Mongeau thinks online over-sharing contributed to split from Jake Paul

Tana Mongeau believes she and Jake Paul broke up because they shared too much of their relationship online.

The two YouTubers split at the start of January after tying knot in Las Vegas in July 2019 - a ceremony they chose to stream over the internet, although they later admitted that the ceremony was not legally binding.

Following the end of their five-month romance, Tana has spent a lot of time evaluating what went wrong between her and Jake and has come to the conclusion that they put too much of their relationship on YouTube and their social media channels, especially when it came to airing their problems.

In an exclusive interview with BANG Showbiz, Tana said: "I hate using the term 'went wrong' because it's, like, maybe we were meant to be exactly where we are right now. I don't think it's something that's easy to answer so simply. Lots of little things were very difficult. I try to not think of things in such a dark way, but I think that obviously airing any relationship that publicly is not healthy.

"In the beginning it was very easy to have fun and document it online, but as the relationship progressed airing every little thing to the public made it very hard. Especially the pressure to stay together, the pressure to not fight, the pressure to be this perfect couple like the whole world is obsessed with, it is really hard.

"Just having everyone kind of watch everything you're doing, I think is really hard for the longevity of an actual relationship. And I think if I could go back I would definitely relish everything we did offline and focus on that more."

Tana, 21, believes that she and Jake, 23, "fell so hard for each other" because they understood each other's careers as influencers.

She added: "I think we fell so hard for each other because we had such an understanding for each other's life in the public eye, and not many people can really understand that."

Tana is now determined to focus on herself but admits she is still having days where she is "super-sad" about the break-up, but she hopes by sharing every detail of her post-Jake journey with her fans they will be able learn some valuable lessons for their own lives.

She said: "[Life has been] very different. I think I'm just going back to really just focusing on loving myself, because I don't think you can participate in any type of love without self-love being primary. And so, a lot of that. I don't know, I think ... I'm definitely trying to document it all online, but I think there are days where I'm having fun in Miami and being crazy, but there's also days where I'm super-sad and processing. Every day is a different battle, and I've definitely tried to take some time offline to handle it personally.

"But at the same time, everything I do online, as always, comes from trying to help others through my pain, or mistakes, or misfortune, even if it isn't pretty. So if my psycho public relationship and really crazy break-up can help anyone else, that's what I do with what I have. So I'm hoping I can just help other young girls going through break-up troubles."

Tana will hope to leave her relationship woes behind her next week when she heads to VidCon London, which is bringing together the biggest online video creatives and influencers in the world.

The blonde model - who is most famous for her "storytime" videos - can't wait to meet her fans in the UK capital, because she considers them her "family".

She said: "Excited is an understatement! I'm so beyond grateful, and just so, so stoked. I can't wait. It's something I never thought I would do, I'm just so, so grateful to be taking in this experience with my fans. And my British fans! I don't get to see my British fans a lot, so I'm so excited.

"I feel incredibly at home [with my fans]. I kind of attract people who are very much like me, so we're all together, we all ... that chaotic energy thrives! We all get along so well, and I feel like I've built up this family. So it's kind of like hanging out a really big extended family who's just as crazy as me."

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