Taraji P. Henson doesn't want a bridal party at her wedding

Taraji P. Henson doesn't want a bridal party at her wedding.
The 'Hidden Figures' star is set to tie the knot with retired American footballer Kelvin Hayden and she has revealed she wants their ceremony to be an intimate affair with just their closest loved ones there to witness their vows.
The 49-year-old actress - who has son Marcell Johnson, 25, with late high school sweetheart William Johnson - said it's also vital that the food is top notch and that they have a "a bomb DJ".
Speaking on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' on Thursday night (19.09.19), she said: "I told my wedding planner make it pretty, fun, make sure the food is good and a bomb DJ.
"No bridal party, I'm not a bridezilla ... please, I just want to say my vows in front of the people that I love. Eat good food and have fun. That's it!"
The pair were due to head down the aisle this summer, but the 'What Men Want' actress decided to take some time off instead.
She said: "I'm taking the summer off. It's too late! A wedding you have to plan in a year... I'm just going to take this summer and be normal, take a vacation - a couple, a few - I have a girlfriends' trip coming up, then me and my fiancé have to do something."
Before settling down with Kelvin, the 'Empire' star was a single mother to her Marcell and moved to LA with him when she finished college in order to pursue her dreams.
Speaking about the decision to start her acting dream despite her hardships, she said previously:"In your 20s, you're not scared. You feel invincible. I was an artist with a dream, and now that I was a mother I felt like it was do or die. Being a parent is what kept me focused. I didn't go to the clubs, even though they say that's how you're supposed to network. I have common sense, and nothing about that seemed right to me. What networking happens at a club where people are inebriated? Tell me, what contracts are being signed? That's stupid. I knew what I had to offer; I just had to find somebody to hear me. Anytime I felt scared, I'd call my dad."