Taron Egerton will miss Ray Liotta

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Taron Egerton will "miss" Ray Liotta.
The 'Rocketman' actor worked with the 'Goodfellas' star - who passed away on Thursday (26.05.22) aged 67 - on upcoming Apple TV+ series 'Black Bird' and he's reflected on the real-life close relationship they developed while playing father and son in the show, admitting the bond they forged was genuine both on and off screen.
He wrote on Instagram: "I stepped on the set of 'Black Bird' in May of last year deeply excited that I would be working with Ray Liotta and even more excited that he would be playing my father.
"He was keeping himself to himself. Protecting his energy and his performance. I didn't know how to approach him as I didn't want to intrude.
"He caught my eye and walked over to me and hugged me without saying a word. It was a long hug. But not uncomfortable. We only spoke to each other in character for that first day. I took my lead from him. I think he wanted us to be a father and son before we were colleagues.
"What ensued was a profound experience for me as an actor; I have never felt such an easy, warm connection with another performer. He was so generous. If I went one way he followed me. Always dancing. Always listening. Never self-generated."
Taron is "extraordinarily proud" of the drama series, but particularly his scenes with Ray.
He continued: "I am extraordinarily proud of my next project. It was hard work and I was blessed to have a number of incredible scene partners, but I will always be most proud of my scenes with Ray; the relationship we built felt real in some strange way.
"When I first saw our show I text him telling him that I felt his performance was beautiful and that I was very proud of our work.
"His response was: 'you made it easy to love my son.'
"Ray, the feeling was so, so mutual.
"I will miss you."

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