Taron Egerton relished working with Ray Liotta

Taron Egerton loved working with Ray Liotta.
The legendary actor passed away in May, aged 67, but Taron has fond memories of working with him on the new true crime drama series 'Black Bird'.
He shared: "Those scenes are very special to me and they felt special then, actually, they really did.
"And of course, now he's passed, it's a weird feeling because of what happens in the show, and it does lend a sense of the whole thing feeling kind of magical in a very melancholic, sad way.
"But it was an incredible episode for me. I mean, in terms of the episode of working with him, not episode in the show - and the scenes are ... I'm very, very proud of ... they were my favourite scenes in the script and then my favourite scenes now the show's made and I really treasure the memories of working with him. It was fab, it really was."
'Black Bird' tells the story of a high school football player turned drug dealer who is sentenced to ten years in prison.
Taron jumped at the chance to star in the series, after previously appearing in the Sir Elton John biopic 'Rocketman'.
He told Sky News' 'Backstage' podcast: "I was so lucky between the ages of sort of 23 and 28 in that I had some lovely opportunities, and I just was really, really lucky as an actor with the things that came my way.
"But I did feel that I was waiting for something meaty and that arrived in the form of 'Rocketman', and it also had this commercial appeal, and it was just a great thing, and I felt that once all was said and done and we were finished, my instinct was: 'You absolutely have to follow this with something interesting and don't just rush into something'.
"So, I spent a year waiting for this script and it arrived in July of 2020, and I knew immediately, absolutely immediately that this was the thing."