5 essentials teachers say they can't live without

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5 essentials teachers say they can't live without

Between classes, a working lunch, extracurriculars and grading projects, teachers are truly the ultimate multitaskers. We knew we had to pick their brain for the products they can’t live without — these picks definitely get a gold star sticker.


Mini Portable Projector

$72 $80 at Amazon

This smart mini projector is compatible with computers, DVD players and SD cards, but most importantly – smartphones!

Not all teachers have daily access to projectors, and those that do are usually saddled with fixed units. With this mini projector teachers can beam videos, worksheets and more in 1080 HD quality anywhere in the room in seconds.


Mini Wireless Doorbell

$16 $19 at Amazon

This mini doorbell has tons of rave reviews because it comes with all the bells and whistles — over 52 of them! Just plug the mini receiver into a socket and pop the transmitter on your desk, your pocket or lanyard. So easy!

One kindergarten teacher we spoke to said this wireless doorbell is truly the perfect gadget to get the class’ attention, during group work.


Lock Top Containers

$11 $13 at Amazon

These containers are perfect for everything from snacks to crayons. Easy-locking clips and an extended flexible seal keep your goodies fresh. The best part? They are dishwasher-safe, so you can reuse them year after year.

-Mini locktop containers have saved the sanity of many teachers, especially those working with the K–4 set. Color me impressed.

Living Enrichment

Mini Personal Refrigerator

Living Enrichment
$39 $43 at Amazon

This compact option comes in four colors and the temperature-control toggles, so that you can keep cool OR warm, as the case may be..

Teachers have very little downtime so it’s important to be able to have food and water easily accessible, and that’s why they love mini personal refrigerators! Too cool for school? Never!


Wireless Portable Charger

$15 $22 at Amazon

This portable charger has over 58K positive reviews and can juice up several devices on one charge. And its slim profile means it fits easily in pockets without the disruption of long cords or available outlets.

Teachers rely on tablets and their smartphones in the classroom, so a portable charger is essential.

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