Tearful Nashville TV Anchors Comfort Each Other As They Report On School Shooting

Nashville news anchors Holly Thompson and Amanda Hara chocked back tears and comforted each other Monday while reporting on the Covenant School shooting that left six dead. (Watch the videos below.)

As Thompson confirmed the deaths of three children, the broadcaster, overcome with emotion, said: “My heart is just hurting right now.” Hara extended a hand to hold Thompson’s arm and continued the segment for NBC affiliate WSMV.

Minutes later, Hara began to cry during another update, and Thompson reached over to her colleague.

Earlier, Hara’s voice quivered as she noted that one of her children was in lockdown as a precaution, and another was in a school “working with security.”

“It’s gonna be OK,” Thompson said as she patted Hara on the shoulder.

The Nashville shooting was the deadliest school attack since 21 died in the Uvalde, Texas, massacre in May, CNN reported.

The news network counted 19 school or college shootings this year that resulted in injury or death.