‘Tenant From Hell’ Finally Leaves L.A. Airbnb—but Owner Says It’s ‘Infested’

via YouTube / KTLA 5
via YouTube / KTLA 5

A woman who squatted in a Los Angeles luxury Airbnb rental for more than 570 days and became known as the “tenant from hell” has finally left the property. But Sascha Jovanovic, the owner, says it’s now filthy and suffering from a pest problem. “There was [a] smell, it was dirty,” he told NewsNation about first entering the guest house occupied by Elizabeth Hirschhorn for months. “And yeah, it was kind of something that my first reaction was [that] everything has to go or be given to charity,” he said. Hirschhorn, a Harvard grad, rented the guest house of the mansion out in September 2021 for several months but then refused to leave—or pay rent. She was accused of pulling a similar move at another property shortly before her arrival at Jovanovic’s mansion. Although Jovanovic said he has already changed the locks so that Hirschhorn cannot return, her lawyer warned an attorney for Jovanovic that her departure was only “temporary,” according to the Daily Mail.

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