Tens of thousands rally against transphobia at Paris Pride March

Organised on the eve of the first round of parliamentary elections and after "an unprecedented anti-trans campaign", the Paris Pride March gathered several thousands people in the French capital, with the fight against transphobia as its main theme.

The Paris Pride March for LGBTQ rights saw an "exceptional" turnout in the French capital on Saturday, according to the Inter-LGBT group, as tens of thousands protested for the fight against transphobia, this year's theme.

Organisers claimed 110,000 people were present while police put the figure at 85,000.

The mostly young crowd gathered from midday at the working-class district of Porte de la Villette, chanting slogans such as "vote for our rights", "put some glitter in your life" and "the struggle is my pride".

"Against transphobia: transolidarity" was inscribed on the banner at the head of the procession.

"Until now, we've been suffering from ignorance, but now it's direct hatred," said Anais Perrin-Prevelle, director of the OUTrans group.

"In 2024, there was an unprecedented anti-trans campaign," she added, citing in particular the publication of the book "Transmania", which has been branded as transphobic by transgender activists.

"Pride is a celebration, but before the celebration there is rioting, anger, in a very serious social and political context," said Mimi, co-president of the trans support association Acceptess-T.

According to a police source, no one was injured.


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