Terrified tenant forced out of 'dream' home after neighbours started 'spying' on her

An ugly dispute erupted over an incident with the woman's dog the day she moved in.

A young woman was forced to flee her new "dream" home claiming her "neighbours from hell" were "spying on her," after a heated argument about her dog led them to install a camera facing her property.

Samantha Smith had been in her rented apartment for just one day when a dispute with the couple broke out, after her eight-month-old emotional support dog Bambi did a "little poo" in her garden on the day she moved in.

The 21-year-old, from East London, claims she cleaned up the mess shortly after noticing, however the couple next door allegedly took immediate grievance with Samantha over the cocker spaniel's mistake, claiming she isn't allowed to have a pet in the rental property.

Woman posing with black camera set up in hallway of rental property
Samantha Smith discovered cameras facing her home which she claims her neighbours installed. Source: Kennedy News and Media

'I was shocked'

Samantha claims the neighbours took a photo of the faeces and sent it to her landlord in what she believes was a bid to get her "kicked out" of the rental. The police were even called to the property, she claims.

"I popped out for a bit, saw it when I came back then quickly picked it up. They'd taken a photo in the period in between," she explained.

"I have to let her out in my garden. It's not anyone else's garden — it's attached to my property. Then I got told about it by my landlord the next day. I was shocked."

Neighbours 'set up camera to spy' on woman

After confronting the duo about the email, Samantha said a nasty argument ensued that left her feeling intimidated and scared. Tensions worsened when the neighbours then allegedly installed a camera in the communal hallway directly facing the front entrance to Samantha's place.

Shocking images show what appears to be a camera positioned high on the hallway wall to peer around the corner, with a wire extending back through what Samantha says is her neighbours' front door.

"I feel very intimidated now they're watching me come in and out of my property. The wire goes through into their flat. They want to spy on me," she claims.

"It makes me feel scared to be in my own home. I told my landlord and she doesn't believe it — she's absolutely shocked."

Black dog looking up at camera
The dispute started over Samantha's dog taking a poop in her own front garden. Source: Kennedy News and Media

Samantha said the whole thing is "very exaggerated". "They didn't knock on my door or anything, they just went straight to my landlord," she said.

Samatha remains in disbelief as the incident occurred in her own garden and not her neighbours'. "If it was their garden, which they don't have, it's fair enough but this is my property," she added.

After noticing the cameras, Samantha vacated the property, forced to crash with a friend instead.

"They're recording me every day. I've only been there a week. It's been so stressful," she said. "I just want them to leave me alone and live a peaceful life."

"I don't think moving is an option right now, I've only just moved in," she added. "I'm trying to keep busy during the day and have friends stay with me."

She also claims she's been yelled at and threatened. "[My neighbour] said she didn't want me there. She was screaming down the hallway. I'm much smaller than her and felt very threatened," she explained.

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