Terrifying demon ghost caught on camera

Aletha Wilkinson

A mum has revealed footage of a "ghost boy with horns" appearing in her front room after discovering her house is a "bus stop for spirits" and was the scene of an exorcism in the 1980s.

Francesca Newby-Willkes was unaware of the paranormal history of her home in Chesterfield in the UK, until she started noticing ghostly goings-on within months of moving in.

The brick house looks like an ordinary suburban home. Source: Caters

"I had no idea of the history of the house, it was within the first few months that I started to notice things, at first it alarmed me but I'm just used to it now," Francesca, 39, said.

"I just want to investigate them and find out why they're here, not particularly get rid of them."

After discovering newspaper cuttings that described how a local vicar was called in to bless the house in the 1980s because of an "evil spirit", she called in paranormal investigator Mark Vernon.

"The house just looks like a normal house, on a normal road, you wouldn't even think twice driving past it," Mark said.

"But I've been in the house quite a few times and despite its normal exterior I can easily say that it is the most haunted house in the UK."

Eerie footage shows what Mark, 51, claims is the shape of a young boy manifesting in the living room and says horns are visible on the boy's head.

But a paranormal investigator caught this image of what he says is a demon ghost. Source: Screenshot

"I think the paranormal force in this house is too strong to get rid of, which is the probable reason that the exorcism in the 1980s didn't work.

"Most of the time poltergeists vanish but they are not leaving this particular property, although it may be different spirits coming in they are constantly here."

According to Mark, a previous owner of the house reported incidents where their baby was lifted out of its crib, which concerns the investigator as Francesca lives with her two sons aged 14 and seven, and her daughter, aged 11.

The home was previously the site of an exorcism. Source: Caters

Mark believes that the three young children are the reason the spirits are so drawn to the house.

"The owner has been really suffering with them, she has been grabbed and pushed so my main concern is the safety of her and her three children," Mark said.

"The children don't seem too bothered about it, they say that they have become used to it, which is quite worrying in itself really. The television is constantly turning on and off, the bathroom light is an old pull down one and I've heard that being clicked."

Thermal imaging shows a hot spot right where the figure appears. Source: Screenshot

After visiting the haunted house on multiple occasions, Mark was doing some general filming of the location.

"I could see a shadow being cast across the curtains and saw it move across the light reflected on the floor," he said.

"When I looked closer at the footage and the thermal videos you can clearly see the figure and features of a young boy, it was then that I noticed that the figure had horns coming from its head.

"I couldn't believe it I was quite lucky to catch it really as it was the one time I wasn't filming for supernatural purposes."

Mark believes the home is being used as a "ghost bus stop" thanks to three separate portals in the house that spirits are using to get to their "final destinations". Unfortunately, these spirits are then becoming trapped in the house as poltergeists.

Resident Francesca says this torch was switched on by a ghost. Source: Screenshot

"I believe the spirits are using this house to pass through to somewhere else, the ghosts are essentially using it as a bus stop," he said.

"They aren't staying here for long they are just passing through to go to their next locations, but there are constantly poltergeists there and moving through the house.

"The idea of ghosts using houses as a bus stop is quite common in some areas, this house is built on top of an old coal mine, it could be something to do with the spirits being attracted to the minerals in the ground.

"It seems to be getting worse at the house, sometimes poltergeists can arrive and they all leave pretty soon but at this house they're constantly there.

"I know the house is built on an old mining pit site, so there would have been deaths there, it would be interesting to know if the neighbours are having the same problems."

Despite her initial shock, Francesca has been interacting with the ghosts and has filmed herself getting the spook to guess which card is the ace of spades.

Francesca says she simply asks the ghosts to turn on this torch. Source: Screenshot

Whist investigating the property, Mark claims to have witnessed the television being switched on and off, light switches being used and television remotes being thrown across the floor.

"The ghosts have been using a few scare tactics to make me leave but it's not really bothered me, I'm used to it now," he said.

With additional reporting by Caters News.

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