Tesla Cybertruck buyers reporting delivery delays over 'windscreen wipers issue'

Tesla Cybertruck buyers have been reporting delivery delays due to an issue with the vehicle's windscreen wipers.

Tesla's Cybertruck is a stainless steel electric vehicle that costs between $57,390 (£45,170) and $96,390 (£75,870).

Owners pre-order it directly from Tesla and then wait for it to be delivered.

Over the weekend, however, buyers waiting for their delivery were told the trucks were delayed by at least a week because of a problem with the windscreen wipers, according to posts on Reddit and a cybertruck owners forum.

"I picked up on Tuesday in Florida and left and made it 20 miles and it started pouring raining," posted Cnod, a buyer on the Cybertruck owners forum.

"Had to sit in a Dunkin Donuts for three and a half hours and call Tesla roadside assistance because I couldn't see.

"They [...] said it would be a few weeks before the wiper motor could be replaced.

"It was super dangerous… [I] had to open my window and hang out the window to see until I could get to a safe place with the wiper not working."

"My wiper has not worked for a while was told to wait for few weeks for a wiper motor. Option was they keep the truck or I reschedule. Took the truck back.. crazy!" wrote B2B.

"Was supposed to pick mine up on Sunday and I was told it's late next week now," said NSCyber.

Tesla has not confirmed the delays, but users online posted about their frustrations.

"My delivery was scheduled this morning and only received a message in the Tesla app at 3pm, no call, that my delivery was changed to 22 June due to a wiper issue…" wrote Brant9 on the forum.

"Glad I saw the message before driving 2 hrs this morning, but super disappointed after finding out at the ninth hour I'm waiting another week."

"I had mine rescheduled from today at 5.30pm to next week on Thursday," posted mariebks on Reddit.

"I am in a weird situation where my windshield wipers DO NOT work on my car at all," wrote Dewabug.

"I called my local service center as Houston is having REALLY bad storms lately so I can't even drive the truck in the rain as I literally cannot see. They let me know they cannot service it even if they have the parts and that someone else is already there with same issue."

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The Cybertruck's high-tech specifications include glass that makes the cabin "as quiet as outer space", the ability to tow 11,000lbs and a 340-mile range on a single charge, according to Tesla's website.

In April, Tesla recalled 3,878 Cybertrucks because of a problem with the vehicle's accelerator pedal.

Sky News has contacted Tesla for comment.