Tess Holliday is 'really struggling' with her body image

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Tess Holliday is "really struggling" with her body image.
The 35-year-old model - whose real name is Ryann Maegen Hoven - was diagnosed with an eating disorder back in May 2021 and took to Instagram to reveal that she is now "really struggling" in a way she has "never experienced before."
She wrote: "I’m gonna be honest, I’ve been really struggling with body image in a way I’ve never experienced. It’s been almost debilitating because even though y’all see me out having fun, it sometimes takes so much work energy just to be able to leave the house."
The fashion blogger - who became the first model over size 18 to model Monif Clarke's clothing line back in 2014 and has since starred on the cover of Vogue - went on to explain that while she used to be the kind of girl who "always" wanted to be photograph until now.
She added: "I’m the kind of gal that always wants my photo taken, until lately… these are some of the first photos I’ve taken in a while were I saw myself in them was kind. " (sic)
However, Tess - who has Bowie Juniper, five, with her ex-husband Nick Holliday and Rylee, 16, from a previous brief relationship - concluded her post by noting that despite her issues, she was "feeling grateful as she spent time with family.
She added: "I'm working on it. Soaking up this family time feeling grateful, even when it’s tough."
Back in 2021, Tess claimed that she had been diagnosed with anorexia but was now "in recovery."
She said: "I’m anorexic and in recovery. I’m not ashamed to say it out loud anymore. I’m the result of a culture that celebrates thinness equates that to worth, but I get to write my own narrative now."

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