We tested Fenty Hair on different curl types

fenty hair review
We tested Fenty Hair on different curl typesElena Chabo

If you’re like me, you’re a bit over it when it comes to celebrity beauty launches. There are simply too many. We don’t have enough skin, strands or body mass for the drops that keep dropping. But Fenty has always been different. From their boundary-breaking makeup launches, to the skin care that our Senior Beauty Writer is obsessed with, to the fragrance that commands a room, the brand rarely misses. So, while my bathroom cabinets are brimming with leave-in conditioners and an obscene number of shampoos, I had to try adding Riri’s to the line up the see if Fenty Hair has the staying power of Fenty Skin and Fenty Beauty in my beauty regimen.

The range includes 9 products that take us through from washing to styling. Plus, it includes products for those of us that use heat on our hair or may have dabbled in chemical services like colour or relaxers as well as products to enhance natural curls.

Because of this, alongside me, I got Elena, Cosmo UK’s Beauty Writer to test out a Fenty Hair wash-day routine to see it worked for curly girl styling too.

What ingredients are in Fenty Hair?

If you’re a bit of a science-y guy like me, you’ll be pleased to know that Fenty Hair isn’t just stunning scents and pretty packaging (but more on that later), no, this range actually features Replenicore-5. Sounds like a computer hard drive but it’s the brand's ‘bond-building technology’ - swish. This works in a similar way to other bond-building complexes, getting beneath the cuticle of each strand and repairing damaged keratin structures from within. It includes a blend of amino acids, proteins and antioxidants and is present even in the styling products, which we love because care shouldn’t stop at conditioner.

The testers

Keeks Reid, Contributing Beauty Director, Cosmopolitan UK

a woman with long hair
Keeks Reid

Hair type: 4b

I have really thick hair and it’s dense too (I literally broke my stylist’s comb last month in the salon. Sorry again, Lorraine). I get a texture release twice a year which softens it, loosens the coils and makes it easier to straighten, which is mostly how I style it. I'm in a long term relationship with my Dyson Airwrap and BaByliss Pro Straighteners.

Elena Chabo, Beauty Writer, Cosmopolitan UK

a woman with curly hair
Elena Chabo

Hair type: 3b/3c

My hair is mostly medium-loose corkscrew spirals, but honestly, some of the hair at the nape of my neck could be considered waves. My whole head is just doing its own thing. It’s just above average density, but quite fine, and though it’s healthy and soft, it’s very fragile, even for textured hair. I’ve rationed heat styling to no more than once every two months as it can’t handle heat at all. Silk pillows and scrunchies are a non-negotiable. Even typing the word ‘dying’ just caused some breakage. So I’m a straight-up, air-dry wash-and-go girly who needs lots of hydration.

Fenty Hair review

The Rich One Moisture Repair Shampoo, £29.00

Keeks says: It was love at first pump for me. The packaging makes it easy to use yet feels luxe and the scent fills the bathroom. I did two shampoos and my hair was cleansed but not stripped. If you’ve after a clarifying or detox shampoo this isn’t going to be for you though, it's definitely a more gentle cleanse.

Elena says: One pump goes a seriously long way with this shampoo. It’s all I needed for my shoulder-passing curls. My hair and scalp felt pleasantly clean but in my initial rinse-texture reaction, it did feel a little more stripped than some other hydrating shampoos that I’ve used.

The Rich One Moisture Repair Conditioner, £29.00

Elena says: Again a little goes a really long way with this. Two pumps were enough to detangle my knotty lengths even just with my fingers. It really spreads through the hair coating every strand with little work. It smells both tasty and natural and was a really enjoyable experience. I can’t say my hair felt super-hydrated though, but would be interested to see long-term effects.

The Richer One Moisture Repair Deep Conditioner, £29.00

Keeks says: I opted for The Richer One as I recently did a Texture Release treatment, which, while nowhere near as harsh as a permanent straightener, still can negatively impact the health of your hair. I applied it to two thirds of my hair length, avoiding the root and left on while I did the rest of my everything shower. When I rinsed, my hair felt SO silky. My detangling comb went through my mane like a knife through butter.

The Comeback Kid Instant Damage Repair Treatment, £34.00

Keeks says: I love that you can use this as a leave-in and a rinse-out treatment. It says if you have thicker hair, leave it in but I didn’t like the idea of layering my post-care styling products on top of it. Well, 'it says' is a stretch, actually, as all the products have illustrations instead of instructions. This was ok for the shampoo but I could have done with a little more info for a treatment which is a more potent product. I think despite the claim it works in one use (from the website), this didn’t have a ‘wow’ hair transformation for me - maybe I followed the illustrations wrong. GAH! So I’m going to keep uses to see if my love grows.

Elena says: This is my favourite product in the line. But first- the illustrated word-free directions are the worst directions on any hair product I’ve ever seen. Confusingly detailing two unclear ways to use, and the two had different hair types. Was one method for straight hair and one for textured? Were they simply two different ways to use? I was amazed they’d been approved because everything Fenty does is usually flawless. But… all was forgiven when I used as a leave-in and my parched curls came out looking like Shirley Temple. So glossy and shiny and so defined. It really was instant damage repair and I will be using this a LOT.

The Homecurl Curl-Defining Cream, £29.00

Elena says: For me this curl cream would need to be paired with a hydrating leave-in, and sealed with an oil, because used solo it doesn’t give lasting moisture to my hair and the curls did get quite fluffy as soon as dry. I think it would be a great product for those with fine wavy hair as it won’t weigh it down. I also love the design of the pot to look at, but upon opening the flip lid pulled up the product and it went everywhere, so it needs to be stored flat which isn’t ideal.

The Gelly Type Strong Hold Gel, £27.00

Keeks says: I used this closer to my next wash day when my hair was no longer looking fresh and the look required was a snatched bun. This delivered a slicked look with no flakes. I used as directed on the website and dampened my hair a little before applying, I was scared it would make my texture puff out a bit so I wrapped my hair with a scarf to set it and it did hold all day. I would say this is a good gel, but a bit spenny for me when there are ones that are just as good for a lot less.

The Controlling Type Hair-Thickening Edge Control Gel, £22.00

Elena says: I’m not really an edges girl, I tend to subtly sweep and slick them into the hairline in the direction of the hair, without much artistry. Kind of how it would naturally look if it happened to be miraculously well-behaved. This was great for that. It doesn’t look wet, or slicked, just really naturally perfectly in place. It was easy to use in one quick sweep and had zero crust.

The Sidestick 3-In-1 Edge Tool, 15.00

Elena says: This tool feels like the hair equivalent of a Mont Blanc fountain pen. It’s luxe and pretty and just feels so good in your hands! I was surprised how well it parted with its wider shape, but it really glided through my hair. I also appreciate that the bristles are firm enough for control.

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