The Bear season three premiere proves Carmy and Sydney are 'soulmates'

Warning: Spoilers for the first episode of The Bear season three.

The Bear episode one of the third season with Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White
The Bear premiered its third season on Thursday, with fans left shocked by one scene in episode one. Photo: FX

The Bear premiered its third season on Thursday, and one moment from the first episode has left fans in total shock, with some saying they "audibly gasped" and had to "remind [themselves] to breathe".

The third season picks up the day after the season two finale, but the first episode is really a montage of Carmy Berzatto's (Jeremy Allen White) origin story and how he got to where he is today as a chef. The episode, titled 'Tomorrow', fills in a few blanks from Carmy's past that viewers had missed over the first two seasons.


The episode is told in a non-chronological way, showing Carmy in several kitchens and uniforms as he goes from his first cooking job to returning to Chicago after his brother Mikey's (Jon Bernthal) death.

Fans went particularly wild for a scene that takes place while Carmy is in New York working under David Fields (Joel McHale), who relentlessly hits him with verbal abuse.

David criticises Carmy, who is working on a hamachi dish with a blood orange sauce, and forces him to ditch the blood orange for a fennel sauce, telling the young chef that it is now his dish, not Carmy's.

The Bear starring Jeremy Allen White
The Bear season three picks up the day after the season two finale. Photo: FX

While working one night and serving the hamachi and fennel dish, we see Carmy make a last-minute choice and decide that one of the dishes will go out with his original blood orange sauce. To explain the change, he lies to the server that the diner has a fennel allergy.

Little did viewers know that Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) was in New York during her culinary school days, and she is the person who receives the dish that was made just as Carmy wanted it to be served.

Fans of the show may remember that in season one, Sydney tells Marcus (Lionel Boyce) that this was the best meal she'd ever eaten, and it was the reason she tried so hard to work with Carmy.

Ayo Edebiri as Sydney in The Bear season three, episode one
Fans were shocked to see the moment where Sydney tries Carmy's food for the first time. Photo: FX

Fans were shocked by the moment, with many saying this was proof that the pair were "soul mates".

"Carmy plating the best meal Syd ever had 🥹," one X user wrote, adding a lyric from Taylor Swift's song 'Invisible String', "And isn’t it just so pretty to think all along there was some invisible string tying you to me?"

"Carmy’s first (and hated on) creation being Sydney’s favourite culinary revelation ever? STOP IT #thebear," another said.

"Carmy’s first creation. Syd’s best meal she has ever had. The invisible string theory in play," a third wrote. "Platonic was never it. The soulmatism is so clear #thebear."

"The way I audibly gasped??" someone else said. "Carmy’s first creation being served to Sydney?! OH THE SOULMATISM IS INSANE 😭❤️."

"I cried thinking of that invisible string... The look on her face when she was looking at her meal was priceless," another added.

"The way I GASPED when I saw her," one shocked fan wrote.

"I squeeeeed out loud during the Syd reveal," one user shared.

"The way I sobbed when I saw it set in front of her," yet another added.

The invisible string theory is applied to platonic or romantic relationships. It states that you and another person are inextricably connected by an invisible string and that it's been predetermined that you'll one day form the relationship meant for you.

Fans are loving the new season of The Bear, especially the first episode. Photo: FX
Fans are loving the new season of The Bear, especially the first episode. Photo: FX

Fans are loving episode one of the third season of The Bear and sharing high praise for it online. One X user wrote, "THE BEAR S3 premiere being called Tomorrow and then trapping Carmy in a series of yesterdays, marinating him in memories of grief and regret and loss, having him flee each time only to end up right back where he started, this time of his own design. Monumental storytelling."

"The first episode of The Bear was so gentle, which is a demented way to kick off the season considering that episode two is a reminder that this show runs at the pace of Gilmore Girls—except everyone is perpetually livid," another joked.


"#TheBear Season 3 Episode 1! WHAT AN EPISODE," a third said. "Practically an hour long montage, but keeps you enthralled every second. Beautiful shots, brilliant direction and editing, perfect score, and with minimal dialogue still delivers all the emotions, I teared up. The best show on TV."

"Wow. Episode 1 of #TheBear Season 3 is the best of the series thus far and a true work of art," a fourth wrote. "A stunningly beautiful, pensive and melancholic journey through time and moments both earth-shatteringly huge and small, but precious. I was in tears throughout."

"Christopher Storer: So I think to ease everyone into The Bear S3, we just casually drop one of the best episodes of television ever made. Joanna Naugle with the editing MASTERCLASS," another fan added.

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