The Biggest Loser's Ajay Rochester makes startling admission: 'Broke'

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The former host of The Biggest Loser has made a startling admission about her life three years after we last saw her on our TV screens.

Ajay Rochester hosted the controversial weight loss program from 2006 to 2009 before appearing on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! in 2019.

She has since been working as a casting director in Los Angeles for eight years, but returned to Australia amid the pandemic to be with her son.

Speaking to Confidential, the TV star has revealed she is now "broke" and is forced to work odd jobs to afford a ticket back to the US where her work is.

Ajay Rochester poses for a photo.
Ajay Rochester is best known for hosting The Biggest Loser. Source: Getty

She also admitted she had to spend the last of her savings to travel to Fiji to organise her Green Card paperwork to return to the US, with the American Embassy still closed in Sydney.

“I am broke,” she told the publication.

“I have lived off all of my savings over the past few years being literally stuck in Australia and my work is in America.

“You are made to feel like a loser if you are pay cheque to pay cheque … it is expensive and the money has run out.

“There is broke, as in living in a tent, and there is broke as in I have been paying two rents broke. But broke is broke.”


Ajay has regularly been posting on her TikTok about the odd jobs she has been doing to earn extra money to get back home, including cat-sitting, cleaning and mystery shopping.

She said on TikTok she was working odd jobs to earn $1500 for an airfare back to the states, and needs about $680 more before she can afford the flight.

"Small drops will fill a bucket," she said in one of her videos talking about her odd jobs.

In another, she said she wanted to shed light on the fact that people who work in TV don't make millions of dollars and it was important to pick yourself up and keep working, no matter your circumstances.

Ajay's fans have been leaving messages of support on her TikTok, urging her to keep working hard.

"I respect your hustle. I love how humble you are too. Keep grinding AJ," one commented on her video.

"You’re such an amazing person," another fan said.

"So strong, such an amazing woman, you're a true inspiration with your honesty," a third added.

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