The Block 2023 room reveals: Kyle and Leslie's master bedroom and walk-in robe

Kyle and Leslie's rooms missed the mark with the judges this week.

After a tough week last week, The Block's Kyle and Leslie chose to remove a wall and extend the size of their master bedroom. The rendered archway/ bed head was the main feature of the room, however the judges did point out it could pose an injury risk, Overall, the couple’s choices did not win the judges over.

Week 6 - Master bedroom and walk-in robe

Points: 21

Spend: $32,793

Judges comments:

“I love the texture… but really on a bed head you kind of want something that’s gently tactile not really aggressive” - Darren.

“I walk into here and straight away I see everything I don’t want to see” - Shaynna.

“This is a room that could have done more” - Marty.

A shot of a big bed, with white sheer curtains on the far wall.
Kyle and Leslie's master bedroom. Credit: Channel Nine
A shot of a wall of shelves.
Kyle and Leslie's walk-in robe. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 5 - Living and Dining

Kyle and Leslie went into Living and Dining Room week with the smallest space of all the properties, and things didn’t get much better from there. Space was a massive issue for the judges, both the room size and the size of the furniture that Kyle and Leslie chose.

Points: 20

Spend: $31,561

Judges comments:

“This just feels really tiny” - Shaynna

“Is this really the only living space for a house of this size? Because my immediate thought was this feels quite constricted” - Neale Whitaker.

“It is always a bad sign though when you see something that’s clearly a modular and two other pieces of that same sofa in a different room” - Darren.

“It’s actually the dimensions of the living space you would find in a studio apartment” - Neale.

“This could actually lose them the auction” - Shaynna.

“I feel like Kyle and Leslie have a real sophisticated aesthetic, it’s a beautifully styled and built disaster” - Neale.

A wide shot of the dining room, with the table in the centre a large potted plant on the left and white sheer curtains on the back and right wall.
Kyle and Leslie dining room. Credit: Channel Nine
A shot of the living room with a white lounge on the right, a large picture of a woman on the back wall and the tv to the left.
Kyle and Leslie's living room. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 4 - Downstairs Bathroom

The Block's Kyle and Leslie have impressed the judges week after week with their simplicity and styling. They took a massive risk for their downstairs bathroom with the smallest room in Block history and it paid off.

The judges loved how considered the room was, they could also see their strategy coming to life and are really excited about where they plan to take the rest of the house.

Points: 26

Spend: $18,352

Judges comments:

"Really beautifully done in here... all the details are really, really considered" - Darren.

"The colour palette, the texture, they understand that minimalist luxury without a doubt" - Shaynna.

"There's actually a lot happening in such a small space but it's all working in harmony" - Marty.

Kyle and Leslie pose smiling with their arms out in their bathroom.
Kyle and Leslie were onto a winner with their downstairs bathroom. Credit: Channel Nine
Bathroom sink with finger tiles.
The textures and details really won the judges over.

Week 3 - Work From Home

Points: 26

Spend: $13,917

Judges comments:

"I think the consistency of this team is just incredible... It feels very elegant and classy, but relaxed at the same time" - Shaynna.

"They really get it, you can just see how their marketing will come together" - Marty.

"What we've got here is a media viewing space, it is a working from home space and it could easily be a bedroom" - Darren.

Two arm chairs in the background, and table with a vase in the foreground.
Kyle and Leslie's Work From home space. Credit: Channel Nine
Shelves and a chair on the left, pictures on the back wall and an ottoman on the right.
Kyle and Leslie's consistency is winning the judges over. Credit: Channel Nine


Week 2 - Guest Bedroom

Points: 23

Spend: $26,363

Judges comments:

"I'm still struggling with how much space we've got here, knowing we've got a fully self-contained bathroom there." - Darren

"What they've done, is they've missed the opportunity to actually be self-contained... particularly with a pool, the whole thing's carpeted. At least one of these spaces should've had floorboards. "- Marty.

"Looks great, but it doesn't really do much." - Shaynna.

A bed in the centre, a chair to the right and a potted plan by the window on the left. Cream tones throughout.
Kyle and Leslie's guest bedroom. Credit: Channel Nine
A cream coloured pilates studio, with other exercise equipment along the left wall.
The judges thought the couple had missed the potential of the space with this one. Credit: Channel Nine.
Reads 'The Block 2023' with vector images of tools on a yellow background with headshots of Scott Cam and Shelley Craft.
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Week 1 - Guest Bathroom

Points: 25 - WINNER

Spend: $29,592

Judges comments:

"It's just so elegant, so beautifully done." - Darren

"It has a storage, it's definitely got the length, and i love the privacy of that toilet behind the door." - Marty

"The placement of that drain, I just find it odd sitting in there when it's so prominent." - Shaynna

A long narrow room, with vanity and benches along the left hand side, a toilet at the far end.
The judges loved the elegance of their guest bathroom. Credit: Channel Nine.
The vanity and benches on the right, skylights and white walls.
Kyle and Leslie's guest bathroom. Credit: Channel Nine

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