The Block 2023 room reveals: Steph and Gian's master bedroom and walk-in robe

The Block's Steph and Gian smashed it out of the park this week.

Steph and Gian were challenged with the biggest master bedroom and walk-in robe in the history of The Block, and the week was ‘a lot’ for them. It certainly paid off, with the winning rooms of the week, the size and use of the space blew the judges away.

Week 6 - Master bedroom and walk-in robe

Points: 29 - WINNER

Spend: $44,064

Judge’s comments:

“Some people don’t have kitchen island benches as big as this” - Shaynna on the island in their walk-in robe.

“This could be put in any home at $20 million plus”- Marty on their walk-in robe.

“Look at the size of this” - Marty on the master bedroom.

“Cathedral-like” - Darren.

“This is hot” - Shaynna.

A wide shot of a room with a large bed in the centre, mirrors on the far right wall and a chair on the right.
Steph and Gian's master bedroom. Credit: Channel Nine
A wide shot of the walk-in robe with a large island in the middle and shelving all around
Steph and Gian's walk-in robe. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 5 - Living and Dining

The Block's Steph and Gian chose to change the layout of their house, putting their dining room where the architect proposed the kitchen should be. Tensions were running high throughout the week, and there was a lot to do in the final hours of the week, but they made it to the finish line.

The judges were worried about the couple’s floor plan change, and believe only time will tell for them if it was the right choice.

Points: 25 ½

Spend: $31,739

Judges comments:

“Steph is clearly flexing her muscles as an architect.”

“Why would you necessarily do this?” - Neale.

“She has over-styled this, I don’t understand” - Shaynna.

“There’s too much of everything, it’s feeling almost like a retail space here. Are we in a home or are we in a store?” - Neale.

“I like almost everything about this” - Darren on the living room.

A wide shot from the head of a dining table, pictures on the left hand wall and hanging material light covers.
Steph and Gian's dining space. Credit: Channel Nine
A wide shot of the living room with a large brown lounge, a vase on the left hand side and sheer white curtains all around.
Steph and Gian's living room. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 4 - Downstairs Bathroom

After winning two weeks in a row of The Block 2023, Steph and Gian had a 'rollercoaster' of a week. They decided to do a powder room rather than including a shower. The 'wow-factor' of their stone vanity really was the talking piece of the room, but the layout was a sticking point because of the placement of the toilet.

Points: 25

Spend: $24,854

Judges comments:

"Wow look at that... that is off the charts" - Shaynna on the stone vanity.

"It's a really interesting mix of something you think is more traditional farmhouse-y with something that's super classy and contemporary"- Darren.

Steph and Gian pose in their downstair bathroom.
The stone vanity was a major wow-factor this week. Credit Channel Nine
A wide shot of the bathroom, with the stone vanity on the right, a window at the back and the toilet back left.
Steph and Gian's downstairs bathroom. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 3 - Work From Home

Points: 26.5

Spend: $22,381

Judges comments: "I love the commitment to the beams, I'm sold on them... It's pretty amazing." - Shaynna

"I'm not sold, they're [the beams] very obtrusive, it feels like it brings the ceiling lower." - Darren

"Everything else is cracking" - Darren.

"They're just absolutely on top of their game" - Marty.

Wide shot of the working from home space, a couch on the right, ottomans in the middle and desk on the left.
The judges were loving everything bar the beams in this room. Credit: Channel Nine.
A shot of the desk and shelves, picture on the left hand wall.
Steph and Gian's work from home space. Credit Channel Nine


Week 2 - Guest Bedroom

Points: 24.5

Spend: $22,921

Judges comments:

"For more it works really well as a guest bedroom, somebody staying in this house for a night or two would love to be in here...This is the smallest room by a mile, but yet look how good we feel in it" - Marty.

"I feel like she has put the right level of architect, the right level of contestant and the right level of warmth and understanding the market... I love it"- Shaynna.

Steph and Gian pose in their guest bedroom.
The judges loved the feel of this room. Credit: Channel Nine
A close up of the bed with a light brown throw, and a painting on the far wall.
Steph and Gian's guest bedroom. Credit: Channel Nine
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Week 1 - Guest Bathroom

Points: 20.5.

Spend: $21,895

Judges comments:

"Love that vanity, love the basin, love the tap choice," Darren said. However he was not impressed by the beams across the ceiling. "Those beams, nup, no, it's a dogs breakfast, it's a mess, it's at all different levels. I know it's supposed to look rustic, but it doesn't look rustic, it looks unfinished."

"A buyer will not walk in here and go 'I love these old rustic beams'" - Marty

A wide shot of the bathroom, vanity on the left, toilet at the back.
The exposed beams were a sticking point in this room. Credit: Channel Nine
A close up of the vanity and mirror.
Steph and Gian's guest bathroom. Credit: Channel Nine

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