The Block fan sparks debate after suggesting 'cruel' format change

Viewers are divided over whether the proposed twist is genius or ridiculous.

With The Block currently in its 19th season, one fan has taken it upon themselves to suggest a major format change that would shake up the reality show.

Taking to a popular Facebook group for the renovation series, the viewer proposed that the contestants should have to swap houses at the halfway mark of the competition.

The Block's Steph and Gian and Kristy and Brett.
One fan of The Block has suggested contestants swap houses halfway through the competition to keep things interesting. Photo: Channel Nine

Others quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts on the twist, with one person calling it a “great idea”.

“Now THAT would be an interesting watch!” another added.

“That would be so cruel… but I kind of like it,” a third replied, followed by someone else who said, “Love this idea! But the sisters would take five months to move all their luggage”.


Meanwhile, several fans argued the twist wouldn’t be fair for the contestants if it came into play this season.

“I'd flat out leave if I was stuck with house two or three, they need lots of work in order to be market-ready,” one viewer replied.

“I'd feel sorry for the ones that got Leah and Ash's house,” a different user remarked.

One fan also shared that the teams should have to swap partners rather than houses to make things even more interesting, while another joked that the contestants should have the ability to vote their competitors out.

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Leah and Ash respond to claims this season is 'a walk in the park'

Fans have deemed this year’s season of The Block to be much easier than previous years as the teams have been given their full $250,000 budget up-front, their 12-week schedule in advance, and plumbers and electricians paid for by host Scott Cam.

2021 team Kirsty and Jesse have even commented that this year’s season is “a walk in the park”, however, competitors Leah and Ash argue that the show is much more difficult than it looks on TV.

“I’m not saying any year has been easier than the other, but I remember Scotty saying this is going to be the hardest year ever when we first got there,” Ash told Yahoo Lifestyle.


“And I was like, ‘Oh right, he says that all the time’. But we quickly realised that we were not only building a house, but we were building with the actual Nine In Six Builders [who were building the second storeys] and there were people literally on top of everyone, everywhere.

“Stress levels were high, we have to get this done but they also have to put this steel beam in. You're building a whole second story for the house in three months, and I can tell you now that that in itself is a massive feat in the building industry.”

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