The Block fans turn away from the show as 'toxic behaviour' takes over

Viewers have described the drama as 'tiring'.

Die-hard fans of The Block have slammed this year’s season of the reality series for focusing too much on the contestants’ “toxic behaviour” rather than their renovations.

Taking to Reddit this week, one viewer shared that the show’s constant negativity and “bullying” amongst the cast is becoming more and more difficult to watch.

The Block's Leah and Ash.
The Block fans have described this year’s season of the show as ‘toxic’. Photo: Channel Nine

“I don’t mind a bit of drama, it’s a reality show so I get there might be some sparks, but every single episode there’s toxic behaviour, snarky comments and bullying and it's kind of bringing me down,” they wrote.

“I don’t feel good after watching The Block anymore and that’s a shame because this is usually my comfort show. I hope it gets better as the season goes on.”


Others agreed that the drama is “tiring” and they prefer to watch the show online so they have the ability to “skip through all the toxicity”.

“Once upon a time it was a show about building. Now it's a soap opera with snippets of building,” another added.

“I love drama and I am there for it when it’s minor disagreements about Block-related stuff and issues with the builds etc, but a lot of this season isn't drama, it’s bullying and that isn't ok,” someone else shared.

“B***hiness and toxicity is next level this season,” one fan wrote, while a different user replied, “ I miss the early days where you had the odd moment but the show was mainly about the renos and reveals”.

The Block's Steph and Gian.
Some viewers said they’ve decided to stop watching this season. Photo: Channel Nine
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'Not fun to watch'

Meanwhile, some viewers revealed that they’ve made the decision to not watch every episode this season because they’re sick of the drama.

“Honestly decided today to stop watching this season, only seeing online the articles with pictures of the revealed rooms,” one person shared.

“I only watch the reveals,” another added, while a third said, “The weekday episodes are just so much b***hing and moaning, backstabbing, and confrontations. Not a fan”.

“Honestly this is how MAFS went for me,” someone else remarked. “I really enjoyed the earlier seasons and it just started getting more and more toxic. I see The Block heading down the same path as MAFS. They are creating toxic drama and it's just not fun to watch anymore.”


While The Block has been one of Australia’s most popular reality shows since it relaunched in 2010, this year’s season has seen ratings drop to an all-time low.

In fact, the show’s direct competitor The Voice has overtaken them in the ratings for the majority of episodes since they both premiered last month.

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