The Block slammed over 'worst challenge' in reality show's history

Fans threatened to boycott the series following Wednesday night's bizarre episode.

The Block fans have slammed the reality show after the contestants faced off in an “absurd” and “utterly ridiculous” breakdancing competition during Wednesday night’s episode.

The challenge saw the Blockheads dress in hip-hop style costumes and gyrate, shuffle and cartwheel on a large dance floor in front of hosts Scott Cam and Shelley Craft, with the winners receiving $10,000.

The Block's Leah and Ash dressed in hip-hop attire / Ash and Kristy laughing.
The Block teams competed in a breakdancing competition during Wednesday night’s episode. Photos: Channel Nine

Viewers took to social media throughout the episode to criticise the bizarre challenge, which one person described as “30 minutes of nonsense”.

“This is the worst challenge in the history of #TheBlock. God it's so cringe,” another added, followed by a third who asked, “How is breakdancing relevant to a reno show?”.


“Just when you think Aussie TV couldn’t sink lower, there’s a breakdancing challenge on #TheBlock,” someone else wrote.

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“Has anyone ever died of cringe before because I might be the first watching this dance-off,” a different user remarked, while another tweeted, “Seriously, this is enough to make me not watch #TheBlock ever again”.

“This is so lame. Can we get back to building houses?” one fan said, with someone else writing, “Can we just see the house stuff this is not interesting at all. Cringe mega cringe”.

“I literally wish I was in Perth - 3 hrs behind … and I never saw that Breakdance Challenge,” another declared.

The Block's Steph and Gian dancing / Eliza and Liberty dancing.
Viewers described the challenge as ‘lame’, ‘cringe’ and ‘utterly ridiculous’. Photos: Channel Nine

'Crying with laughter'

Meanwhile, some viewers admitted they were pleasantly surprised by how much they enjoyed the offbeat challenge and applauded winners Eliza and Liberty for their skills on the dance floor.

“I was expecting the breakdance challenge to be s**t, but it was really good fun,” one person shared, while another replied, “I enjoyed it, had a giggle”.

“The breakdance was hysterical. Well done Blockheads,” someone else shared, followed by a fourth who said, “The sisters crack me up laughing! I was in stitches watching”.

“Holy s**t Eliza doing the slug is hands down the funniest thing I've ever seen on The Block, crying with laughter,” a different user commented.


The breakdancing competition comes one week after the contestants were told to pause their renovations and participate in a sand sculpture challenge at Brighton Baths.

Leah and Ash were declared the winners of the competition and walked away with $5000 and an extra point during room reveals, which they are yet to use.

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