The Block viewers point out glaring issue with WFH room reveals

Fans weren't too happy with this week's room reveals.

The Block fans have called out a major problem in all five of the teams’ working-from-home spaces that were revealed during Sunday night’s episode.

Taking to social media, viewers argued that none of the rooms presented to the judges would be suitable for people who work from home full-time.

The Block's Kristy and Brett's WFH space / Kyle and Leslie's WFH space.
The Block fans argued that none of the rooms were actually suitable for working from home. Photos: Channel Nine

“As a flex WFH worker that spends most of my time actually working from home, I would lose my mind in any of these spaces,” one person shared on Reddit.

“No standing desk? Chair only good if you have Quasimodo’s posture? Small a** laptop screen with no riser so you’ll get the posture to suit the chair? No wired networking? No power boards?”


Others agreed with the complaints, with a different user writing on Instagram that they don’t think any of the contestants people have actually worked from home before.

“There's no way I would want to sit in any one of their desk chairs for 8+ hours. Ouch,” someone else wrote.

See our full coverage of The Block 2023.
See our full coverage of The Block 2023.


“In none of these would I pass my work OHS requirements for a WFH space,” a third added, while another commented, “Not an ergonomic chair in sight”.

“I agree that the desks are too small, you need room for three monitors or at least one monitor and one laptop, keyboard, writing pad, printer and at least one tray,” one fan wrote. “Chair needs to be able to roll, and be cushy. A space for reference books and a drawer filled with pens and stationery is a must. A small filing cabinet would also be handy.”

The Block's Steph and Gian's WFH space.
Steph and Gian won this week’s room reveal. Photos: Channel Nine

Fans slam judges' 'confusing' comments

In addition to the lack of suitable working-from-home furniture and equipment, viewers were also outraged by how the rooms were judged by Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and Marty Fox.

While the contestants were told to create a working-from-home space, the judges were unhappy with the teams that didn’t also turn the room into a bedroom or entertainment area.

“I don’t get it, the judges hate that they built an office in the work-from-home space and not an entertainment zone? Make it make sense,” one fan remarked.


“What does work-from-home mean to these judges? Work-from-home means bedroom? Or entertainment area? Bit confused considering it's a work-from-home space?” another added.

“Agreed, [it] does feel like a lot of goal post are being moved, not just from brief to judging, but from beginning to end of judging sometimes,” someone else shared.

“The judges' comments are so contradictory and confusing,” a different user said.

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