The Block's Leah and Ash left devastated after major auction update

'It is a really sad outcome.'

This year’s season of The Block had one of the most nail-biting finales viewers have ever seen, with two teams making over $1,000,000 at the auction while the other three walked away disappointed.

Kyle and Leslie received a tidy sum of $130,000, while Kristy and Brett made a profit of $65,000 following a major blunder by their auctioneer, and Leah and Ash decided to pass their property in.

The Block’s Scott Cam with Leah and Ash at their auction.
The Block’s Leah and Ash decided to pass their property in following a disappointing auction. Photo: Channel Nine

A Channel Nine source tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “Everyone who got into the sandpit with the petty drama this season seemed to fall over at the auction, with Kyle and Leslie pretty much collateral damage as all the auctions went south [following House 3's auction mishap].

“Viewers saw the wind change quite drastically from the moment House 3's auctioneer revealed the reserve prices and a succession of disappointments followed. It was clear who the winners and the losers were and audiences ate that up with a spoon.”

While the insider tells us that the network was “pretty happy a lot of the storylines that formed throughout the year were signed off with a story tale ending”, Leah and Ash were left hoping to make a better deal in a private sale.


It was reported just a few days after the finale that House 2 was set to sell for $3.1 million, meaning Leah and Ash would tie for third place with Kyle and Leslie and receive $130,000 profit.

However, Yahoo Lifestyle can exclusively reveal that Leah and Ash’s property has since lost all of their offers and is now sitting on the market with zero interest.

The Block’s Leah and Ash in front of House 2.
House 2 is now sitting on the market with zero interest. Photo: Channel Nine

'Really sad'

A builder who worked on the series confirmed the news to Yahoo Lifestyle, saying: “It is a really sad outcome for the two who poured a lot into this series.

“They really thought they had found their happy ending but this has opened a lot of wounds for them both.”

The tradie then questioned if the way in which contestants are perceived by fans of the show affects the way their Block journey ends.

“2022 contestants Dylan and Jenny didn't sell their house until February 2023 and it would seem Leah and Ash may also be looking at a similar wait,” they added.

“The property will sell but for House 2 their Block journey is still far from over.”


This comes shortly after Yahoo Lifestyle revealed that a team from this year’s season of the reality show is expected to be amongst the yet-to-be-announced 2024 cast.

An insider told us: “There is still some chatter about bringing back some celebrated contestants for the 20th season but applications are still open for newbies. So the rumour is it will be half newbies and half returnees.”

If this is true, it would be the fifth time The Block has brought back former contestants after All Stars in 2013, Fans v Faves in 2014, Triple Threat in 2015, and Fans v Faves in 2021.

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