The Block's shock death sparks enormous cast feud: 'Beyond pissed off'

Leah was furious with one team's actions after she received devastating news from home.

The Block’s Leah and Ash were left shattered this week after learning that their beloved family dog Ollie had sadly passed away.

The couple received a call from Leah’s dad while working on their front yard who let them know that their dachshund had unfortunately run under his back wheel and died instantly.

The Block’s Leah and Ash crying.
The Block’s Leah and Ash were rocked by the sudden death of their dog Ollie. Photo: Channel Nine

Following through with the stages of grief, Leah was furious during Wednesday night’s episode - with her anger pointed towards the two contestants who hadn’t offered condolences.

While Eliza and Liberty and Steph and Gian had all reached out to send their support - and Kristy and Brett spoke privately to Ash - Leah was shocked that she hadn’t heard anything from frenemies Kyle and Leslie.

“I’ve raged about it,” she said in her confessional. “I’m just like, how are you that delusional that you can’t grasp what this is? You can’t get out of yourself for just a minute to send your condolences?”


Leah also ranted to Steph after she stopped by their house at night to check in on them, saying: “If anything shows your character, it is in this moment.”

She continued: “It is unfathomable… I just cannot fathom the lack of empathy from them.

“They are poison, they are true, true poison. I’m really at the point [where] if any f**ker wants to speak to me on Sunday, it’s game over. I’m beyond pissed off. This is irreparable. The lack of empathy is sociopathic.”

The Block’s Steph listening to Leah rant.
Leah ranted to Steph about Kyle and Leslie’s ‘lack of empathy’. Photos: Channel Nine

Leslie reaches out

Steph then encouraged Kyle and Leslie to reach out to Leah because she was so upset, and they texted her later that evening.

“Hey guys… I actually had a msg written out last night but didn’t think you’d want to hear from us…” Leslie’s message read.

“But what’s happened is real life and I am so devastated for you both 🥺 especially so close to going home and being together as a family! Stay strong 💛 xx”

The Block’s Kyle and Leslie.
Kyle and Leslie reached out to Leah later that evening to send their condolences. Photo: Channel Nine

Leah never responded to their text and instead labelled them “gutless” for not saying something in person, while Kyle and Leslie admitted they should have contacted something earlier.

“That’s on us that we probably should’ve acknowledged it sooner when we knew exactly what happened and it had been confirmed,” Kyle said.


While the divides amongst this year’s cast have continued as the season airs on TV, they are all set to reunite next weekend for the show’s finale.

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