The diet-free way to feel sexier

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Buy some special underwear

“By birthright, every woman should own a suspender belt and stockings. Our mothers and grandmothers cast them aside, told us they were pains, and we never bothered to pick them back up. Well, they’re not pains. You just need to learn how to put them on – and take them off. They’re actually designed to make us feel more comfortable and feminine. To me, wearing these elements is part of being a woman.”

Upgrade your walk

“I’m talking about the walk you use every day (not just the one you use to get a gentleman’s attention, although I like practising that one too.) Watch women in the supermarket or shopping centre. They slump their shoulders, curve their backs, and then scurry around... Why not have a really, really sexy way of walking instead? Just try to elongate your body from your heels up through the top of your head. You’ll seem happier and healthier, and you’ll make yourself look like you’ve just lost three kilos – no joke.”

Use your body to your advantage

“I also run a seduction school in Southern California, US, called The Black Glove. As I tell my students, we need to do a better job of celebrating the special assets of our bodies. We get down on ourselves when our boobs aren’t what we’d like them to be or we weigh a few extra kilos. Yet we forget men don’t have the curves we do – and they’re in absolute awe of them.”

Smile more

“In my classes I emphasise that there is nothing sexier or more alluring than a confident smile. Eye contact is almost as important because it establishes that you believe in what you’re doing and that you enjoy doing it. The greatest thing about both of these is that you have complete control over them.”

Cheat sheet: Toned in 60 seconds

Look two kilos lighter Ears over shoulders: rounded shoulders can shorten your torso, making it look thicker than it really is. Picture yourself wearing long, dangly earrings; they should always touch the tops of your shoulders.

Rib cage up Weak upper back muscles often angle your chest downward and make your boobs look droopy. Lift your sternum (the breast bone in your chest) a few centimetres to elongate your torso.

Pelvis parallel Think of your pelvis as a bucket full of water. When your hips tilt forward or you lift your bum, water spills out the front; it also pushes your stomach out and accentuates the look of a belly paunch. Focus on keeping the bucket level.

Squeeze, don’t suck Imagine your midsection is a sponge and try to squeeze out a little water. It will make your middle look firmer and flatter than sucking it in.

Pump it up Models often bang out crunches, lunges or push-ups right before a shoot. It’s not just a mental boost: strength training contracts muscles and slows blood flow and oxygen to them. Afterwards, backed-up blood and oxygen flood the muscle cells, temporarily making them look more defined.

Erase bra bulges A too-tight bra pinches. But too loose? Your breasts sag and make your torso appear shorter. The fix: pick a wide, well-fitting band – it lies flatter on the back, which helps avoid visible back fat and makes you look fitter.

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