The Hills' Whitney Port hits back at 'mean-spirited' trolling over bikini photo

Whitney Port has hit back at body critics with an empowering message.

Whitney Port isn't holding back when it comes to addressing the hurtful comments about her body that have been circulating online. After sharing bikini photos on Instagram, The former Hills star took to the platform to share her thoughts on the matter, sending a strong message to those who feel the need to criticise her appearance.

In a candid post on her Story, Port addressed the issue head-on, writing, "I, of course, appreciate any concern over my health but just a friendly reminder to hold yourself back from making snarky comments about someone’s weight, cause Timmy will come for you!". Tim Rosenman, Port's husband and steadfast advocate, has previously voiced worries about her being underweight.

Bikini pics of Whitney Port
After posting bikini pics Whitney Port has taken to Instagram to clap back at comments about her weight. Photo: Instagram/@whitneyeveport

While Port made it clear that she was using humour to address the situation, she reaffirmed her stance on building people up rather than tearing the, down.


"For real, I’m super down with constructive criticism, but be careful how harsh, unfounded or mean-spirited your words can be," she continued.

Addressing recent holiday photos that had sparked discussions about body image, Port set the record straight. She debunked the notion that she was intentionally posting bikini photos as "body checks."

"I didn’t even know what that meant until someone wrote it on one of my posts! … I’m on a beach vacation. In a bathing suit. Warning: some pictures and videos might show my body," she stated.

Caption. Photo: Instagram/@whitneyeveport
Port has previously addressed concerns about her weight on her podcast, With Whit. Photo: Instagram/@whitneyeveport

The City alum also shed light on her role as a busy parent striving to take better care of herself. She reassured her followers that their concerns about her health had been blown out of proportion.

In earlier discussions on her podcast, With Whit, Port has opened up about her eating habits, acknowledging that she has yet to fully address her relationship with food. She recognised that certain behaviours could be considered a form of "disordered eating", and expressed a commitment to giving her body the nourishment it requires.

Port's journey towards better health has been evident on her social media, where she's documented meals ranging from Baskin-Robbins ice cream to wholesome fruit plates. Recent snapshots also show her grabbing smoothies and sharing lunches with friends.

Reflecting on her past remarks about her diet and control over her appearance, Port clarified her perspective on her podcast, emphasising that she's grown since then, saying her focus is now on embracing a healthier approach to life and self-care.

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