The invincible suit - the bulletproof businessman has arrived

Penny Newton

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No one would guess you were wearing a suit that could bounce 9mm bullets Photo:

Tailor company Garrison Bespoke have developed something that is sure to be on the Christmas list of international business men, world leaders and celebrities - a three piece suit that can withstand bullets and knife attacks.

David Tran, head of special projects for Garrison Bespoke said the company was inspired by a conversation with a client who came into the store after suffering a near fatal shot while doing business in a foreign country six moths ago.

Soon after, they started focusing “on making the ultimate James Bond suit,'' reports News Limited.

"A lot of men in the finance industry, or mining and oil, have confessed (to us) that when they're in dangerous places, they feel really on edge, they feel really nervous when they're out there. It affects their performance at a high-level strategic meeting,'' said Mr Tran.

Kevlar is heavy and bulky, so instead, they reached out to contractors who have previously provided elite body armor to US Special forces in Iraq. Mr Tran added that he has an agreement not to reveal their name.

"It had to be completely discreet. If it's bulky, it's signaling to the other party the wrong message - they're scared, they don't trust them.''

The secret to bouncing 9mm bullets lie in six thin nanotube sheets that are slipped into the lining. The result is that it doesn’t look or feel like a bulletproof vest. And what’s more, the suit is only a paltry $20,421 – a price which many will consider a bargain.

Garrison Bespoke have a deal not to reveal the contractors name who provided the technology Photo:

Now, the company has been inundated with requests for those who are worried boardroom battles will turn into more than a war of words – including the original client who inspired the suit. Mr Tran added that staffs of internal world leaders have reached out hoping for a suit for their respective country’s president or prime minister. It's only a matter of time before paranoid A-list celebs join the ranks.

But it may be a while before you can buy one off the rack.

"We're not set up to do mass manufacturing,'' said Mr Tran. "So right now, we're revisiting what we should be doing and our next moves."

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