The MAFS 2024 cast are fighting again: 'Double standards are laughable'

EXCLUSIVE: Tim Calwell and Sara Mesa have both addressed his controversial Reel that kicked off a new MAFS feud.

Sara yelling at Tim MAFS
MAFS' Tim and Sara in happier days. Photo: Nine

If you've been missing your nightly dose of Married At First Sight drama since the 2024 season stopped airing a couple of months ago, then we have good news for you. The 2024 MAFS cast are fighting again over social media, and things are getting spicy.

The latest feud seemed to all kick off after Tim Calwell posted an Instagram Reel with a life update, featuring his girlfriend Barbara, a trip to Sydney, and a few other bits and bobs. The issue? In the Reel Tim flashes to a car sticker that says 'Warning: 100% b***h', saying it reminds him of 'someone', leading to his ex Sara Mesa and her BFF Lauren Dunn calling him out, saying it was a dig at Sara.

Sara took to her Instagram Stories to call out Tim's Reel, saying he was making 'subliminal messages' about her.

Tim Calwell Instagram Reel
The part of Tim's Instagram Reel that has caused a new MAFS fight. Photo:

“Imagine being out of a relationship for months, but still thinking about me, still including me in your Reels, still including me in comments and making petty subliminal messages about me. You're not over it. Time to move on, sweetie, because I have," she said.


"Hahaha I wonder who spent more energy here," Tim commented on So Dramatic's post of Sara's Instagram Story. "You know what is crazy, I actually never mentioned anyone."

"Pls it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. You knew what people would think and your replies to people's comments about it says otherwise," Sara retorted. "Don’t be spineless – be a man and say it like it is. Don’t try to backtrack and say it wasn’t about me."

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle about his Reel, Tim said it wasn't meant to be a pointed attack.

"I didn’t actually mention anyone at all! It seems like everyone is projecting their own thoughts onto my reel," he said. "I like talking about my life experiences, regardless of if that chapter in my life is closed. MAFS is certainly a unique experience and I’ll likely keep sharing mine."

Sara, Tim and Lauren have all spoken out on Instagram
Sara, Tim and Lauren have all spoken out on Instagram. Photo:

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, Sara said she would have liked to stay amicable with her ex, but has had to draw a line.

"I have reached out multiple times over numerous digs privately and Tim continues to ignore, send 😂 emojis and not deal with it like an adult – hence why it has come to me publicly calling him out. I would have liked to stay amicable and civil but he keeps bringing me up constantly and I drew the line at him calling me a b***", she said.

"I make one mistake and somehow the world thinks it warrants this sort of behaviour from him. It’s time for him to also take accountability for what he is doing post-show. I am happily living my life without his name coming out of my mouth but he has forced me to post this due to the fact he can’t act like a grown man. I am sick of being the bad guy because I made a mistake. I’m sick of men getting a hall pass for s****y behaviour. I am being held to the fire and he gets to call me a bitch and a narcissist and get away with calling me names. It’s not on."

Sara's MAFS BFF Lauren Dunn said she was 'shocked' by Tim's Reel. “I was a bit shocked because the Reel seems to be about his love for his new girlfriend,” Lauren said on her Instagram Stories. “If I was her, I’d be hurt that he’s still referencing his ex.”

Tim and Sara MAFS finale
Tim and Sara during the MAFS finale. Photo: Nine

Eden Harper weighed in on the situation on Instagram, saying the double standards of the situation is 'laughable'.

"Wait a minute… So Sara can call Cass a c***, Lauren can call Jono a snake, dog, c*** (to name a few)… Lauren can refer to Jono as a rat on TikTok… but that’s funny & light-hearted.. It’s only unacceptable & wrong when @timcalwell does it? 😂 the double standards are laughable," she wrote.


Other MAFS co-stars rallied around her in the comments, with Lauren's ex Jono saying, "Nailed it. Double standard queens." Tim also replied, writing, "Ain’t that the truth 🥴" and intruder groom Michael Felix said, "Say it louder for the people in the back."

When asked by Yahoo Lifestyle about her Instagram comment, Eden elaborated on what she meant.

”To be clear on my stance, I don’t think anyone should be slinging out insults or name-calling anyone. Not Sara, Tim, Lauren, myself… not anyone," she said. "But these two girls have not been short of insults to other cast members, the examples I mentioned online are just a slither of the insults they have thrown around, and the double standards are tiring."

Lauren also left her own statement detailing her problem with Tim's Instagram Reel.

"I think what the cast doesn’t get is the use of violent, misogynist language to women," she said. "We all insulted each other constantly, it’s the specific language deeply rooted in sexism that needs to be considered."

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