The Traitors winner speaks out after walking away with no prize money in shock twist

The $200,000 prize went unclaimed in the history-making finale.

After weeks of backstabbing, manipulation and strategic gameplay, viewers were shocked to see the three winners of Channel 10’s reality show The Traitors walk away with no prize money during Sunday night’s nail-biting final episode.

Camille, Sam and Blake all managed to make it to the end of the season - the first time in the history of the game worldwide that three Traitors have reached the finale - when host Rodger Corser introduced a surprising twist.

The Traitors' Camille, Blake and Sam at the finale.
No one received walked away with the $200,000 prize money in The Traitors' nail-biting finale. Photo: Channel 10

He explained that the trio would need to choose whether they would share or steal the $200,000 of silver that the group had earned throughout the season.

While they agreed before the vote that they would share the cash, each player ultimately decided to steal which meant that they all walked away with nothing.


Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle following the episode, former federal agent Camille admits she wasn’t at all surprised the other Traitors chose to write ‘steal’.

“The show is called The Traitors, it’s about being deceptive and betraying others,” she says. “I was under no illusion that these Traitors who betrayed and backstabbed a fellow traitor Ash [Pollard] and all the Faithfuls would write ‘share’.”

She adds that it was a “no brainer” that she would write ‘steal’ to avenge the Faithfuls and “wipe the look from Sam’s face”.

“From the moment I was recruited I knew it was all part of Sam’s grand plan: bring in the trustworthy sharing Camille to protect him to the end, and then steal all the silver from me,” she details.

“Sam used and manipulated players and he thought I was just another pawn in his game of Traitors chess. I knew I was going to cancel payday.”

The Traitors' Camille.
Camille says she wasn’t at all surprised that fellow Traitors Blake and Sam chose to write ‘steal’. Photo: Channel 10

'No hard feelings'

While she didn’t receive any money at the end of the season, Camille says her biggest takeaway was that “you can still have some class in a game about lying and deceit”.

“I reached out to both Sam and Blake post-show, hoping they were all good and wishing them the best,” she continues. “I have no hard feelings about them or any other contestants on the show.”


She also shares that her advice for future players hoping to make it to the end of the game is to not underestimate anyone.

“Unlike other social strategic reality TV shows, The Traitors is a fine balancing act and timing is everything,” she explains.

“Don’t peak too early. Use other louder players as shields. Get close to all players so you can pivot to another player if someone you're working with goes. Consistently assess and reassess the game and the players, then adapt.”

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