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These early Prime Day deals will transform your feet, starting at $5

From a "magic" foot scrub to the world's fastest callus remover, these Amazon Prime Day foot-health steals will leave your soles soft and smooth

foot and foot-care products
These pre-Prime Day beauty deals on foot care will keep heels and soles looking good for summer — and beyond. (Getty Images, Amazon)

July marks the confluence of two of my favorite things: sandal season and Amazon Prime Day. Now, you may wonder what these two have in common, but for me, a longtime beauty editor, there's an obvious connection: Prime Day sales mean I have access to the kinds of foot care that make my toes and heels look amazing in summer shoes at a fraction of what those products would usually cost.

Quick overview
  • Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Foot Magic Exfoliating Foot Scrub

    Save $1
  • Celor Foot Peel Mask (2 Pairs)

    Save $11
  • Electric Callus Remover for Feet & Pedicure Kit

    Save $6 with coupon
  • Aquaphor Repairing Foot Masks

  • Vented Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks, 3 Pairs

    Save $9
  • Hawatour Nail Clippers Set

    Save $3
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Because here's the thing: I love warm weather and I love cute, comfortable shoes (speaking of, check out our guide to the best sandals) but I also know that keeping my 51-year-old hooves presentable in public requires care and maintenance. Which means purchasing high-quality items to address all the ongoing issues currently plaguing my dogs.

From cracked heels to calluses to dry, scaly skin, the most common foot problems can often be solved with at-home products — ideally, ones that don't require hours of labor or piles of cash. And, while much of what we're talking about here can be remedied with a professional pedicure, we all know visits to the salon can be pricey and time-consuming — sometimes it just makes more sense and feels better to DIY in private.

The followings deals will keep your trotters soft and supple from now through the end of sandal season — and beyond.

Unlike my approach to facial products, where I tend to have the tastes of a opulent heiress who dines on bonbons all day, I like to go super basic with foot care. That's because, in my experience, the fancy stuff is rarely a lick better than the old staples. 

Take, for example, this minty, exfoliating, coconut-butter-infused "magic" foot scrub which I've been using to soften up heel calluses for years. It's an essential product for keeping rough, dry feet hydrated and smooth. It feels good on your skin and — at under $5 —for your wallet. 

$5 at Amazon

Here's a sale anyone with rough soles should jump on fast. This mask is legendary for a reason: it removes dead skin shockingly thoroughly and effectively. Within days after initial application of this lavender-scented potion, your feet kind of molt, almost like a snake's skin, leaving behind the softest foot surface you've ever felt. 

It's especially good for cracked heels and stubborn calluses — in fact, it's the only thing that worked last year for one of mine. 

$9 at Amazon

There are few solutions easier for those with lumpy, bumpy, scratchy feet [raises hand] than an electric foot file. This popular device helps remove hardened skin fast and effectively without requiring much, if any, elbow grease. 

More than 3,000 5-star reviewers rave about its efficacy, many stating it leaves their soles as smooth as a salon pedicure. "Outperformed my expectations!!!" said one. "Where has this been all my life? It works so well. And costs less than one pedicure. ... Super easy to use!!"

Bonus: Included in this offer is an extra-sturdy pedicure kit — 7 ultra-precise tools in all. 

Save $6 with coupon
$19 at Amazon

Aquafor's foot masks are like little healing booties. You place them on and the avocado oil and shea butter moisturizing treatment immediately gets to work nourishing your skin and restoring it to a baby-smooth state.

This version is especially appealing (no pun!) if your skin is easily irritated — it's fragrance-free, gentle and packed with nutrients like vitamin B5. 

Lastly, the entire treatment is fast — you're literally done in 10 minutes.

$30 at Amazon

For just $10, these "spa socks" are just the thing for the lady on the go who's out there having it all when the "all" also includes ugly, cracked, dry feet. They're made of breathable mesh and the heels are packed with a gel formulated from olive, grape-seed and jojoba oils along with vitamin E. 

Pro tip: Apply a favorite moisturizer before placing on the socks — it will help the product soak in.

$8 at Amazon

These ultra-strong, super-sturdy clippers make trimming unsightly, uncomfortably-long talons and hangnails a breeze. Thanks to an ergonomic design, the extended-length handles are also easy to grip. Plus, they come in an adorable, easy-to-find yellow tin.

More than 32,000 5-star reviewers call them "well-made" and confirm they are "sharp, sturdy and travel-ready" and, right now, you can pick up this pair for less than $10. 

$10 at Amazon

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